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    ✧ ⋆ Astral Collective ⋆ ✧

    Hello! Welcome to our profile! We’re the Astral Collective, a demi-plural, median system currently consisting of 6 headmates.
    We’re open to any questions (as long as they’re not too personal), and would love to make friends - just message us on our wall :)

    ✧ ⋆ Notes

    <poem>- Our body is a minor - Our collective pronouns are They/Them and Xe/Xem - We appreciate when tone indicators are used - Do not vent to us without asking, even if we’ve said in the past you can - Together we use We/Us, yet individual headmates will use I/Me - We typically remember the actions of other headmates - If a comment/post/message isn’t signed off, it’s most likely because we forgot or someone we don’t feel comfortable expressing our plurality to may see it, so please don’t bring it up - It usually takes us a while to open up to/become comfortable with people, and we’re not the best at general socialising - We have GAD, social anxiety, selective mutism, and suspected autism - We have symptoms of other various things, some are headmate-specific

    Note: Please do not ask about diagnoses as we do not feel comfortable sharing that information.</poem>

    ✧ ⋆ Singletsona

    <poem>Name: Ezra Pronouns: They/Them Gender: Non-binary Orientation: Unlabelled</poem>

    ✧ ⋆ Headmates

    Name: Ezra

    Nickname: Ez

    Age: [undisclosed]

    Pronouns: they/them, xe/xem, ne/nym, fae/faer, ze/hir, ae/aer, ro/rose, e/em, moon/moons, bee/bees, ve/vim, faun/fauns, bun/buns, vo/void

    Gender: non-binary, transgender, xenogender, aprescigender, quoigender, xumgender, outersystemic, multigender, demiflux, xenoflux, voluflux, aerogender, anxiegender, technogender, illusogender, passiogender, akuyaila, amation, astrumgender, caelgender, chaosgender, cosmicgender, etherigender, feragender, foscouvian, genderbee, genderblanket, gendermollis, kellklokic, kirinic, loinmusicgender, lysfurescurian, mousegender, mussagender, nebulagender, oneirial, skybruddian, soffgender, spacegender, starfluid, summavatraic, veintassic

    Sexual Orientation: omniflux, questian, ace-spec, aegosexual, apothiflux, agensexual, aliquasexual, parosexual, myrsexual

    Romantic Orientation: omniflux, questian, aro-spec, laimoromantic, aroflux, meneromantic, makriaromantic, koinikoromantic, arovague, myrromantic

    Other Labels: gai, angled aroace, pomoamorous, termcollector, multipronominal

    Role: core, host

    Other Information: Age regressor/dreamer

    Regression Information

    Name: Little E

    Nickname: E, Ez, Ezra, Emi

    Age: 3-10 (varies)

    Pronouns: she/her, bun/buns, fae/faer, ne/nem, e/em, bee/bees, ley/lem, they/them

    Gender: faeian, lunettian, bungender, coogender, eeveean, flowerian, fluffy-cloudgender, fungender, genderfluff, mousegender, parugender, pilwegender, plushgender, sleepyleite, softcoric, sweetiegender

    Other Labels: cutecollector, softcollector</poem>


    Name: Solaris

    Nickname: Sol

    Age: 19

    Pronouns: she/her, they/them, moon/moons, one/ones

    Gender: cassgender, girlflux, disemotugender, gender apathetic

    Sexual Orientation: ace-spec, pomosexual, demisexual

    Romantic Orientation: aro-spec, quoiromantic

    Other Labels: sapphic, multipronominal

    Role: protector, janusian

    Extra: romantic relationship with Tori


    Name: Lorenzo

    Nickname: Loren

    Age: 15

    Pronouns: he/him, zip/zips, tick/tock, it/its, sin/sins, beep/boop, kit/kits, they/them, xe/xem

    Gender: transgender, transmasculine, genderfaun, xenogender, multigender, quoigender, aliengender, technogender (science), vitagender, tigergender, zoomiegender, keysmashgender, chaosgender, cringecoric, passiogender

    Sexual Orientation: ace-spec, apothiflux, polysexual

    Romantic Orientation: polyromantic

    Other Labels: voidpunk, devilic, gai, multipronominal

    Role: optimist, systeen

    Extra: sometimes uses typing quirks (a replaced with ⋏, c replaced with x, e replaced with ε)


    Name: Reina/Alex

    Age: 17

    Pronouns: any, favourites are nature-related neos

    Gender: pangender, xenogender, genderlead (main are eiralean, noistefleurian, rosetian, eilumescian, paxean, naturecoric, flowercoric, genderliber), gender apathetic

    Sexual Orientation: pansexual

    Romantic Orientation: panromantic

    Other Labels: pan-pan-pan, multinominal, panpronominal, ambiamorous

    Role: socializor, posier, caretaker, naturalist


    Name: Tori

    Age: 20

    Pronouns: she/her (or any except he/him and it/its)

    Gender: genderqueer female, cottagecoric, autumngender, rhosynian

    Sexual Orientation: lesbian

    Romantic Orientation: omniromantic

    Other Labels: almopronominal, sapphic

    Role: companion, soother, negotiator

    Extra: romantic relationship with Solaris, Horace's cousin


    Name: Horace

    Nickname: Ace

    Age: 21

    Pronouns: he/him, xe/xem

    Gender: agendervir, cassflux, cassmasculine, fervian, genderpierce, kaochisagender

    Sexual Orientation: heterosexual

    Romantic Orientation: heteromantic

    Other Labels: multipronominal

    Role: protector, caretaker

    Extra: Tori's cousin

    ✧ ⋆ Multiple Code

    <poem>MuC n-=$ | p[n/nb/x/o/qr/ar/as/xo] | a[b-- r---!/] | s.h+/he&mud/uv+/h~sv | o[e/r/n/m/q/ad] | m[d/c/o/sb?/nd] | w[e/f/b/+&] | c[cc+/m+~] | of[r-/o-] | f[a+/#?] | m[ast~/spi-!/mag-!] | r[f/p/r] | v-/!-] | x[l/p/ar/as/h/o] | g[f/m/nb/a/g/gq/x/o] | j[us] | s[r---/r++^/o-!/o^] | r-</poem>

    this page was coded by the stardust system.

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