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    ✧・゚: *✧・゚:* the stardust system *:・゚✧*:・゚✧

    median system • traumagenic, endogenic, xenogenic, neurogenic, stressgenic, cryptogenic, and cyrogenic, as well as maybe solumgenic • aerogenic, phytogenic, aquatien, and pyrotien • between parasian and mesosian • orbital

    ello- we're the stardust system! we've got who knows how many headmates atm- at least as far as we know. our switches are gross and blurry, and can take hours. they often have a lot of dissociation with them too. we can, to an extent, recall what a different headmate did- although for the most part right now our headmates dont know much about each other as we can't communicate internally, and vari is usually fronting, so others dont often get a chance to respond to letters- which are what we use to communicate.

    multiple code

    <poem>n--?=$ | p[m/n/nb/a/b/gf/gq/x/l/qr/ar/as/xo] | a[b-- r---/r+/^] | s.[he/sh/sd/sv/mf/lsp+] | o[t/e/n/q/x/a/ad/m] | m[p/ph/a/q/c/o/nd] | w[f/h/$!/=] | c--[cc/cc+~/m~#] | of[r---/o] | f[a+/mw^] | m[ast+~] | r[f+/p/w/r/m] | v+^>!+ | x[l/ar/as/q/o] | g[n/nb/a/b/g/gq/x/o] | j[a/wr/o/u/us/st] | s[r----/o/o+^]! | r</poem>


    <poem>name: vari nicknames: vai role: prosecutor of some kind, traumaholder (sort of), stressholder (sort of), memoryholder, frontrunner, host, worrier, cynic, outernaut, possibly some kind of accuser, co-core (?) age: teenager, ageslider, demi-ageless?? 14 species: part: demon, fire spirit thing, cat, goat, and maybe (fallen?) angel? gender: genderfluid trans guy pronouns: he/him, pronounfluid orientation: abro aroace, nebularoace nebulaplatonic caedplatonic amory: polyamorous hyperfixations: psychology, music, and lgbtqia+ terms relationships: in a qpr with rae, in a qpr with luci, and in a qpr with krypto <3

    vari's appearance (link)

    <poem>name: vyx nicknames: v role: core, former host age: body’s age species: human gender: transneutral non-binary pronouns: they/spark orientation: aroace lesbian amory: ambiamorous hyperfixations: psychology, helluva boss relationships: no

    other: was dormant for a while</poem>
    vyx’s appearance (link)

    <poem>name: jupiter nicknames: none (that we know of) role: protecter, caregiver of some sort, traumabreaker, hygienist, maybe dissociagenic, maybe an absorber, and possibly an observer age: ageless species: celestial spirit of some kind gender: non-binary pronouns: fae/faer orientation: anattractional amory: nonamorous, agamous hyperfixations: psychology relationships: none

    other: if jupiter is fronting, please do not talk about things like attraction, anxiety, fear, or sadness with fae- unless fae say its alright. it very possibly might trigger fae to switch with vari- and jupiter usually only fronts when vari cannot.</poem>
    jupiter's appearance (link)

    <poem>name: rigel/orion/leo nicknames: none (that we know of) role: protector, core (?), possibly former host age: maybe 13? species: ??? gender: spacecoric, caelgender, astralgender, spagegendervoid, maybe spacefixi but not sure pronouns: leo/leoself or space/spaceself, they/them okay too orientation: ??? amory: nonamorous hyperfixations: space relationships: ...no. just no. other:</poem>

    rigel’s appearance (link)

    <poem>name: axel nicknames: ax role: protector, socializer age: 17 species: human (british) gender: trans guy pronouns: he/him orientation: vincian amory: ??? hyperfixations: none really relationships: none other:</poem>


    <poem>name: corvil nicknames: cori role: persecutor-protector age: teen species: human? gender: possibly antigender pronouns: rage/flame/spark orientation: aroace amory: nonamorous hyperfixations: none relationships: no

    cori’s appearance (link)

    <poem>name: arlo nicknames: none yet, maybe give me some tho :o role: protector, socializer age: ageless teen? species: elf/human gender: unaligned non-binary pronouns: xae/spark/they orientation: ??? amory: ??? hyperfixations: none really relationships: none

    arlo's appearance (link)

    <poem>name: ollie nicknames: oli role: protector, socializer age: 7 species: human gender: trans guy pronouns: he/him orientation: vincian amory: ??? hyperfixations: boys /hj relationships: playmates with ash <33333

    other: so so gay</poem>
    ollie's appearance (link)

    <poem>name: rosemarie nicknames: rose (close friends only) role: protector? age: demiageless, unknown species: human? gender: non-binary pronouns: she/they/petal orientation: pan? amory: ??? hyperfixations: ? relationships: none

    rosemarie’s appearance (link)

    <poem>-diagnosed attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder, combined type -rejection sensitive dysphoria -almost completely diagnosed obsessive-compulsive disorder -extremely severe hypochondria -multiple diagnosed but unspecified anxiety disorders (possibly social anxiety disorder and more specific phobias, as well as maybe even others) -semi-diagnosed countless phobias (will add later) -diagnosed acrophobia -diagnosed apiphobia -diagnosed spheksophobia -diagnosed extremely severe generalized anxiety disorder -semi-diagnosed extremely severe social anxiety disorder -possibly undiagnosed panic disorder, unsure about it though -undiagnosed very severe major depressive disorder -likely undiagnosed severe persistent depressive disorder -possibly anorexia nervosa -likely intermittent explosive disorder -acute stress responses -diagnosed acute stress disorder (although we feel this is inaccurate) -possibly complex post traumatic stress disorder -possibly kleptomania or something similar -suspicions of multiple personality disorders (dependent, borderline, antisocial, avoidant, maybe obsessive-compulsive, etc) -suspicions about maybe depersonalization/derealization disorder -suspicions of synesthesia -likely undiagnosed body dysmorphic disorder -likely undiagnosed gender dysphoria disorder</poem>

    triggers + squicks

    <poem> -the relieved emoji -gaslighting -manipulation -bullying -guilt-tripping -emotional abuse -verbal abuse -mental abuse -animal abuse -physical abuse -the name/nickname 'maddie' -the name/nickname 'madison' -eas sounds -eating (squick) -food (squick) -hi-chew (squick) -pain (squick) -blood -being forced to eat -force feeding -the phrase 'lolol' -psychiatric hospitals -overeating -needles and sharp objects -self-harm and s**cide -jokes about self-harm and s**cide -bugs and insects of pretty much any kind, especially bees, wasps, hornets, and spiders -paper cuts -pedophillia (when acted upon) -weight shaming -being called 'too skinny' or 'too fat', etc -the phrases ‘so fat’, ‘how are you so skinny’, etc -the prases 'k', 'k.', 'k then', 'k. then' or 'k then.' -people yelling and/or arguing -glorifying any mental disorders in general -glorifying depression, anxiety disorders, and/or anorexia -romanticizing mental disorders, unless it is being used as a coping mechanism by someone with said disorder -making fun of mental disorders -invalidating trauma -victim blaming -being told your trauma is just "not being able to let go" -dismissive phrases -generalizations -passive-aggressiveness (not always, in some contexts it’s fine) -being told you’re “too sensitive” -being ignored, interrupted, and/or talked over -roblox in general (squick) -adopt me -welcome to bloxburg (somewhere between trigger and squick) -the dog breed pomeranians (somewhere between trigger and squick) -being called stupid or similar things (even as a joke. somewhere between trigger and squick) -emptying dishwashers -plates clashing, silverware scratching, etc -the song “seasonal depression” by mxmtoon -dream smp exile arc -dream smp in general (fluctuates between trigger and squick) -dream (the smp character, not the youtuber himself) -jokes about trauma -being accused of lying -being called a liar -lying -arguments about lying -being fakeclaimed -being yelled at -yelling in general -arguing -caps (fluctuates between trigger and squick) -being repeatedly guilt trippy but blaming whos being guilt tripped and/or seeking people out in order to continue -being told to “calm down”, “stop it”, “just quit doing that”, “it's not a big deal”, etc -passive aggressive disagreement with feelings, especially when really upset -people who treat animals like mindless creatures and objects that can be treated as such (usually trigger, squick when very vague) -being told im (or really anyone is) “too sensitive”, “not good enough”, etc (somewhere between trigger and squick) -being treated as a child/helpless case (somewhere between trigger and squick) -people being nice and friendly and then being really awful out of nowhere -being dismissive, insensitive, etc about something that really matters to someone, upsets them, etc -being told you're not good enough, a bad person, worthless, etc -loud noises/music -stinging insects (bees, wasps, hornets, etc) -being high up off the ground -bridges (only when on them, talk of them is fine) -airplanes (only when riding on them honestly, talk of them is fine) -spiders -shots -needles -sharp objects (only when others are holding them) -doctors and stuff somewhere between a trigger and squick) -the term ‘multiple personality disorder/mpd’ (unless referring to why it shouldn’t be used or talking about how it’s an outdated term, or if it’s from something when it was actually the term used) -misuse of the word 'trigger' -pool bleachers -school pools -ping pong inside schools -friend's phones going missing/finding a friend's phone -going to french class (only in real life) -going to building class (only in real life, fluctuates between trigger and squick) -going to homebase (only in real life, fluctuates between trigger and squick) -school (squick) -going to school (only in real life, fluctuates between trigger and squick) -being left on read -hallways of schools at night </poem>

    things we experience/have

    <poem> -we experience dissociation -we experience depersonalization -we experience derealization -we have insomnia as a symptom -we get self-harm impulses -we get s**cidal thoughts -we suffer from migraines -we suffer from tinnitus -we have misophonia -we have hashimoto's; possibly hypothyroidism -we have vitiligo -we get panic attacks -we get anxiety attacks -we stim -we probably tic -we easily get overstimulated -we are often understimulated -we have traumatic memories -we suffer from traumatic flashbacks -we get an abundance of intrusive thoughts -we experience imposter syndrome -we experience delusions and extreme paranoia -we experience both auditory and visual hallucinations, sometimes individually and sometimes together -we’re pretty sure we experience psychosis -we're pretty sure we experience delusions -we are compulsive hoarders -we are pretty sure we have synesthesia </poem>

    things we've made

    <poem> -coding guide -intro template </poem>

    dni if...

    <poem> -you are against lgbtqia+ and/or mogai folkel in any way -you’re discriminatory in any way (lgbtphobic, racist, ableist, sexist, intersexist, misogynistic, classist, etc) -you think disorders or queer identities are ‘quirky’ -you fakeclaim -you believe psychiatric disabilities aren’t actually disabilities -you’re a sysmed -you’re a transmed -your body is older than 25 -your body is younger than 12 -you think some folkels’s trauma is worse than others’ -you invalidate trauma -you purposely trigger folkel -you use slurs that you can’t reclaim -you’re a pedophile and act upon pedophillic thoughts -you’re a furry-hater -you’re anti-otherkin -you’re anti-alterhuman -you’re against educated self-diagnosis -you’re a pro-shipper or anti-anti </poem>

    dni specifically

    <poem> -ariathatsme or any alternate accounts -fl00f2 -catitudethecat, catowouwu, catsarethebest123, or any other alternate accounts -.iwakothekittybunny. -mayasx -kittydsmpfan -nyxissus -artsyaries -oopskskskskskgayman </poem>

    we are on the dni list of

    <poem>-.forestofmushrooms. (can interact, just don’t seek out.) -oopskskskskskgayman</poem>

    put your username here if you consider us friends
    </poem> <poem>

    Moxxie aka Snakeboy12345 A Murder of Crows (RobynSongs) Rae (qpp heh) Stitchy0 heheheheasdhfd kryptowo (4NGELRATZ) Brook (Demi Bi the River) TheLunarFamily! :D

    want to sign my page? click here!

    hiii!! i just noticed we're both median collectives (we're more towards the multiple side, yall are more towards the singlet side/in the middle) named stardust who have an amnt of headmates (as of writing this at least) that are both related to each other! (30 and 3!) so i think thats cool :0 - elysia from Stardustcollective, xe/they yee it iss :00 -vari (and sorta jupiter sjdoknsdkj) hi! u guys seem cool :D -ravenfire803 (10/14/21) Hello! u all seem cool :)-Moxxie aka Snakeboy12345


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