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    Original parosexual flag.
    Alternative parosexual flag by Tumblr User cattodaddo.

    Parosexual is a term to describe one who is attracted to multiple genders and experiences different forms of sexual attraction to the different genders one is attracted to.[1][2] For example, one is allosexual towards people with male genders or other genders, yet is greysexual towards people with female genders. This term is both m-spec and a-spec, and could be considered a type of myrsexual attraction.

    This could be considered an umbrella term for identities such as dellosexual (when one experiences allosexual attraction to some genders, yet is demisexual attraction to other genders).

    Paro- differs from varioriented, as varioriented defines one having different orientations for different types of attraction (e.g., omniromantic heterosexual), while paro- referring to one having different forms of a single type of attraction (e.g., different forms of sexual attraction) towards the different genders one is attracted to.
    Simplified Alternative paro- flag by Tumblr User cattodaddo.

    The romantic counterpart to the term is paroromantic.


    Parosexualflux is a term similar to parosexual, where "ones different kinds of parosexuality can fluctuate" (see also parofluid). This could be interpreted as:

    • Experiencing one or more forms of fluctuating sexual attraction within a parosexual orientation (e.g., aceflux towards one or more genders, and statically lithosexual towards others).
    • Usually experiencing ones m-spec orientation as parosexual, but ones attraction fluctuates so that one: sometimes only experiences a single form of sexual attraction; sometimes feels that one's forms of sexual attractions are less distinguished from one another; and/or sometimes feels one has less of a connection to the parosexual label.


    The coining of paro- was suggested to Tumblr ask-pride-color-schemes through ask by certifiable-morgan, which was published on December 4, 2017.[3][4] Parosexualflux was coined by Reddit user u/DemifluixTulpaTalk, 20th July 2021.[5]


    The parosexual flag was created by Tumblr account Beyond-MOGAI-Pride-Flags, 3rd August 2018.[6] It was one of seven paro- flags, created for each of the different types of paro- attraction.

    The original parosexual flag was created by Tumblr account Beyond-MOGAI-Pride-Flags, 2nd April 2018.

    An alternate paro- flag was created by Tumblr user cattodaddo, June 15th 2018.[7]