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    LGBTQIA+ Wiki:Bans And Warnings

    Indefinite Blocks

    Indefinite blocks will be given to those who...

    1. impersonate other users/other individuals (such as celebrities)
    2. troll or satirically edit
    3. post false or misleading information
    4. post spam
    5. are queerphobic
    6. are ableist
    7. are racist
    8. are exclusionary
    9. are abusive
    10. redefine or alter terms and flags without coiner permission

    Timed Blocks

    The below offenses will result in a timed block, up to the moderator's discretion. Generally the time of the block will depend on the severity of the issue.

    1. repeatedly disregarding article guidelines (one typo or incorrect formatting won't get you immediately blocked, but if your edits are constantly being reverted or revised, then we will block your editing abilities.)
    2. implying/stating paraphilic disorders are LGBTQ+ (including pedophilia, zoophilia, incestual attraction, etc)