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    Meneromantic Flag
    Alternate meneromantic flag by Tumblr user felix-makes-flags

    Meneromantic is an orientation on the aromantic spectrum for people who may experience romantic attraction in the beginning, but prefer to wait on their feelings, and usually wait until the person they are attracted to show signs of mutual attraction. It is similar to demiromantic and reciproromantic.

    Meneromantic people often never act upon their feelings, but they can still have a friendship with the person they like.


    The name comes from the latin word ‘Manere’ meaning ‘wait’.

    The term was coined by FANDOM user FallingRain07 in October 2020.


    The flag was made by FANDOM user FallingRain07 in October 2020.

    The alternate flag was made by Tumblr user felix-makes-flag on December 19th, 2021.[1]