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    The cringecoric flag
    A flag with 5 vertical stripes. The colors are are magenta, blue, lime green, chartreuse yellow, and red. The top and bottom of each stripe has a small rectangle, alternating between black and white. There is a large X3 face in the center of the flag.
    An alternate cringecoric flag.
    Another alternative cringecoric flag by an unknown Reddit user.

    Cringecoric is a xenogender that also falls under the Aesthetigender umbrella term. It is a gender that is linked strongly to rejecting gender stereotypes and societal constructs. Someone who identifies as cringegender may feel that their gender is linked to bright colors, loud music, and typically "cringe" words, phrases, and terms. Cringecoric is also linked to the scene kid / scenecore aesthetic. Cringecoric is intended for neurodivergent individuals, but this is not exclusive to these groups.


    This gender was coined by three individuals, of which their identities are unknown. It was coined on an unknown date.


    The first two flags were created by unknown individuals on unknown dates.

    The third flag was created by a deleted Reddit account on the 18th of August, 2022.[1]

    The green represents being "bullied for having fun", the black represents deviancy, the pink represents "loving bright colours but also hating them", the purple represents using xenogenders/neopronouns, and the yellow represents "liking things people consider cringe".

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