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    Hello! Our system has not collectively decided on a name yet, our username was chosen by one headmate in particular. We are contemplating calling ourselves the Copper System as the two human headmates both have ginger hair, and our other headmate Malachite (based on the mineral) is literally copper carbonate. We aren't sure yet.

    Mitch originally made this account and wrote the user page from his perspective but he doesn't spend a lot of time on the Wiki anymore and we wanted to revamp it with sections for each of us. Any pages written or edited by this account so far were done so by Mitch.

    List of Headmates and Fragments

    Main System:

    Mitch/Itchy/Dandelion/Simba (he/it)

    Echo/3xho (she/they)

    Malachite/Mal (she/her)

    Fragments/Headmates we know little about:

    Frisk (they/them)

    Undyne (she/her)

    Henry (he/him)


    Age: 26 (Regresses involuntarily due to trauma and sometimes intentionally for therapeutic purposes)

    Pronouns: he/him, it/its

    Neurodivergence: Autism, ADHD, BPD, CPTSD, OCD, OSFED and OSDD-1b are the likely possible outcomes if I had access to an assessment with a psychiatrist. I don't take these conditions lightly so please don't accuse me of faking them for clout or anything like that. I put a lot of time and effort into seeking out peer support and my symptoms affect every aspect of my life. I have a diagnosis of gender dysphoria.

    System Role: Host

    Likes: Lions, punk rock, the colour yellow, dandelions, art.

    Labels: Too many to list here as I'm a prolific gendercollector/term collector but I will put a section somewhere for that. My prioritised labels are pansexual, transmasculine, xenogender, liongender, achillean, trixic, toric, and queer.

    Kintypes: Lion therian, Simba fictionkin.


    Age: 11-16

    Pronouns: she/they

    Neurodivergence: Autism, ADHD, BPD, CPTSD, OSDD-1b. Similar neurotype to Mitch/Dandy but at an earlier chronological save point. My trauma has not been further compounded but I have less practice at dealing with rejection sensitive dysphoria and managing/understanding my conditions. Mitch helped me write this because he's had much more time to think about it.

    System Role: Systeen/middle, age slider.

    Likes: Deltarune, 100 gecs, bubblegum blue, anime.

    Labels: Demigirl, sapphic, trixic, gecgender, hyperpopgender

    Kintypes: Himiko Toga (MHA), Spinel (Steven Universe), Noelle (Deltarune)


    Age: Ageless

    Pronouns: she/her

    Neurodivergence: Cannot be either ND or NT as she's not human and doesn't have a human neurotype.

    System Role: Protector. Does not speak to people outside the system. Has little interest in human things aside from things headmates enjoy.

    Likes: Mitch and Echo.

    Labels: Agender, aroace.

    Terms I’ve Coined




    Simbagender (Does not have a wiki page as the guidelines state that charactergender pages are not allowed.)


    Eevee System (Memegender)

    I also unknowingly re-coined Undergender (with the same definition as the original coiner) and made the wiki page for it.

    My Undertale/Deltarune Gender Headcanons


    • TERFs/Radfems
    • Truscum/Transmedicalists
    • Sysmeds
    • BABs
    • Exclusionists
    • Anti-xenogender
    • Racist/Anti BLM
    • Sympathisers for any of the above


    You may talk to me about any of these topics as long as you warn me and respect my boundaries if I ask you to stop. Don’t feel like you have to censor these for me in conversations, I will tell you if I’m not okay.

    S*lf h*rm (Images, descriptions etc.)

    Detailed talk about EDs (Mentions of EDs are fine but I can’t talk about restricting/fasting/calorie amounts etc.)

    Medical F*tphobia

    Tr*nsphobic D*ctors/G*tekeeping etc.

    Owl City (Either memes about it or the music itself)

    Ableism towards neurodivergent people

    Demonisation of people with BPD

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