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    Hello we are an autistic and physically disabled system, and although we all have our own names and pronouns, our system is called Ellis so that's what we go by and generally we go by they/them/their(s)/themself/themselves. We sometimes switch between singular and plural language when referring to ourselves, so we apologize for any confusion caused by this. We consider our system to be like a group of individuals who pilot a mech suit, so even when someone different is in control we still are externally identified by a single entity. Also, we don't feel comfortable sharing the names of two of our more vulnerable littles. We hope you will respect this decision.

    Squicks, Triggers, DNI (for all of us)


    • Religion
    • P@r3nts
    • Talking about headaches


    • Specific foods (please ask before sending images)
    • Ableism

    DNI if you're:

    • Transphobic, homophobic, ableist, ect.
    • Fakeclaimers
    • Don't support non-traumagenic systems (and are unwilling to learn more about them)
    • Try to religiously convert others
    • Make fun of "picky eaters"
    • Anti-age regression

    Coined terms and flags

    Terms we coined

    Terms we made flags for

    The Ellis system

    System code: MuC N=^ | P[n/nb/o/xo] | A[b- r---!/^] | S.H+/He/Hm/Tr/Uv/Uz/Mrm/A~Mc/F(Mfh/eh/cd)/o+ | O[n/t] | Mds | Wb/= | C(cc+/m#) | OF(r/o+++) | Fa+/sn+ | Mast/spi | Rf/p/r/m | V | Xq/as/q/o | Gf/m/nb/g/o | Jus | S(r^/o+)

    Note: We are fine with the terms alter and headmate, but typically refer to ourselves as having alters.

    Collective Identity


    • Age: 18, regresses 4-6
    • Gender: Autigender non-binary + xenos
    • Pronouns: they/them
    • Orientation: Multisexual trixic
    • Role: Host
    • Non-reliably speaking
    • Special interests: video games, cats, queer terms
    • Species: Vampire

    Shy and nervous, Eagle prefers speaking to themself and the system rather than to others. They often are absorbed in creating characters within the universes of their favourite video games. They love spending time with cats. They have strong sensory issues and poor interoception.


    • Age: Adult (no clear specific age)
    • Gender: Gender Apathetic Demiboy
    • Orientation: Aroace
    • Pronouns: he/him, they/them
    • Role: Protector and gatekeeper
    • Monotone speech
    • Special interests: they don't like to think about himself
    • Species: Human

    Ray protects by being a somewhat harsh defender. They don’t feel emotions strongly himself, and they don’t notice the emotions of others. They often antagonise themself to protect the system. They think only of others in the system, refusing to take care of just himself.


    • Age: ~30
    • Gender: Demigirl
    • Orientation: Polysexual
    • Pronouns: she/her, they/them
    • Role: Protector and caregiver
    • Average speaking
    • Special interests: music
    • Species: Human

    Sam is hyper-empathetic and have trouble being around people who are expressing strong emotions. She desperately wants everyone to calm. They help calm the system through encouraging healthy distractions and mediating arguments. She also calms the littles by singing calming songs. She is the mother figure for Blue and Bunny and the partner of Marth(a).


    • Age: slides from 2 to 9
    • Gender: Fuzzymonstergender + other xenos
    • Pronouns: glit/glitter, 🦖/🦖s, moon/moons, ly/can/lycans, howl/howls, UFO/UFOs, space/spaces (ok with she/her, they/them, or it/its, but prefers lycans neopronouns)
    • Role: Little + ageslider
    • Hypervocal
    • Special interests: monsters (especially Monster High)
    • Species: alien werewolf

    As a little without trauma memories, Kari represents the childhood we wanted. 🦖 isn’t a girl but glit likes to express feminine interests. Moon tends to be easily excited and stimmy. While howl rarely interacts with people outside of the system, UFO is interested in other people and their interests. The term fuzzymonstergender was coined specifically for glitter.

    Bunny (nickname)

    • Age: ~6
    • Gender: Girl
    • Pronouns: she/her and occasionally they/them
    • Role: Little + trauma holder
    • Fully non-speaking
    • Special interests: stuffed animals and bunnies
    • Species: Human

    We refer to her by the nickname Bunny, please respect the decision to not share her real name. Bunny is a trauma holder, so she is very fearful. We’re working on helping her feel a little more comfortable front with no non-system members around, but it will take time. Please do not try to interact with her or try and get more information about her.


    • Age: Unknown
    • Gender: Voidcollector and Waspgender + more xenos
    • Orientation: Acespec
    • Pronouns: it/its, ze/zim
    • Role: Prosecutor
    • It speaks to the system but not to others
    • Special interests: Unknown
    • Species: Mermaid-ish

    Vee is a persecutor and it likes to say that ze doesn’t care what you think of it. Kari decided that it's a mermaid and ze liked that and just went with it.

    Blue (nickname)

    • Age: 5
    • Gender: Boy + Samosta-M
    • Pronouns: he/him
    • Role: Little
    • Mostly non-speaking
    • Special interests: trains, puzzles, building things
    • Species: Human

    Another little that we won’t share the real name of, Blue formed by the imposter syndrome surrounding our autism diagnosis. He is in many ways a stereotype of what autism “looks like.” We’re potentially going to let him interact with others outside of the system, but only people we all feel are safe, so please don’t try and force him out.


    • Age: ~30
    • Gender: Genderfluid
    • Orientation: Polysexual
    • Pronouns: he/him or she/her (ask for preference), also fine with they/them
    • Role: Interpreter
    • Average speaking
    • Special interests: swords and dancing
    • Species: Elf

    Marth/Martha is Nomifluid (going by Marth while masc and Martha while fem). Sam’s romantic partner, he/she helps with taking care of our less-verbal alters.


    • Age: Ageless
    • Gender: Robotogender + other xenos
    • Pronouns: bo/bot, h3/h1m, he/him
    • Role: Semi-fictive + external self helper
    • Source: Nintendo toy and character
    • Speech unknown
    • Special interests: Unknown
    • Species: Robot

    Rob is a robot and a semi-fictive of R.O.B., a Nintendo toy and character. As a robot, h3 engages in very repetitive motor stims. Bots favorite is walking in circles, but bot often needs some help from Sam as h1s balance isn’t very good. Bots main role in the system is to walk, as he doesn’t really feel pain so bo can deal with walking.


    • Age: unknown
    • Gender: kingenders
    • Pronouns: they/them
    • Role: Unknown
    • Mostly verbal, but not a fan of speaking
    • Special interests: Nature
    • Species: Rabbit, Mouse

    Rye is a therian while fronting. In past lives they were: an arctic hare, a lynx rex rabbit, an opal holland lop, a pygmy rabbit, and a white house mouse before entering the system. Because of this, in the headspace Rye has a mouse or rabbit form or an anthro version of those animals. They like doing quadrobics and hate being in this body due to its physical disabilities.


    • Age: ~4
    • Gender: various fem and toy-related xenogenders
    • Pronouns: she/her, doll/dolls, button/buttons
    • Role: Fictive little
    • Source: Lalaloopsy
    • Can speak some, but doll doesn't like to
    • Special interests: Reading, educational games
    • Species: Doll/dollkin

    A fictive of Specs Reads-a-Lot, Specs also has some connection to Crumbs Sugar Cookie and Princess Juniper. Doll likes reading and playing education games, and button stims by wiggling dolls head back and forth. She is smart and loves to learn, is resourceful and tries to be helpful, and likes looking at pictures of food (but doll doesn’t always get that button needs to eat).

    Unnamed Zombie

    • Age: unknown
    • Gender: Zombzgender
    • Pronouns: they/them
    • Role: Unknown
    • Mostly non-verbal, typically just makes noises
    • Special interests: Unknown
    • Species: Zombie

    Not much is known about them at this point, other than their species. They’ve only fronted a few times and they’re hard to communicate with. They currently don’t have a real name, so they are referred to as “unnamed zombie,” much to the amusement of some of our friends.


    • Age: 12-13
    • Gender: Demigirl + demixenogender
    • Orientation: Bisexual
    • Pronouns: she/her, thon/thons
    • Role: Fictive middle
    • Source: Goth Girl book series by Chris Riddell
    • Average speaking, but sometimes sounds overly formal or old-fashioned
    • Special interests: The supernatural (like ghosts and vampires)
    • Species: Human

    A fictive of Ada Goth from the book series Goth Girl by Chris Riddell, Ada finds the modern world very interesting and enjoyable. Thon acts in some ways as an older sister to some of our younger alters a she likes learning new things and has a love for magic and the supernatural.


    • Age: Unknown
    • Gender: Catgenders + MIN xenos
    • Pronouns: he/him, they/them, it/its, fel/feli/felis, purr/purrs, paw/paws, kat/katz, neigh/neighs, pup/pups
    • Role: Unknown
    • Non-verbal, only makes cat-like vocals
    • Special interests: Unknown
    • Species: Primarily cat but with some dog and horse-like features

    Fauno is a cat-like creature with some horse and dog characteristics. Paw likes to pay, do quads, and make cat-like vocals.

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