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    A flag with four diagonal stripes. Starting in the top left corner they are black, dark grey, light grey, and white.
    The conformant flag.

    Conformant describes an individual who falls into the expected societal ideals, expectations, or roles for some form of identification. One can be conformant in terms of gender, sex, gender expression, orientation, relationships, or other related forms of self-identification. The opposite of conformant is variant. Individuals can be variant in some areas and conformant in other areas. To specify certain subcommunities, terms like gender conformant, attraction conformant, pronoun conformant, etc. can be used. Conformant on it's own can also be used to refer to someone who is fully conformant in all aspects. Most individuals are conformant in one way or another.

    Forms of Conformity

    Attractional Conformance

    Relationship Conformance

    • Amorous: Desiring a close partnership.
    • Monogamous/Monoamorous: Only wanting to have a relationship with one individual at a time, no open relationships.
    • Monoerosous: Only wanting sexual relations with only one individual (not polyerosous).
    • Monofidelity/Monofidelitous: The mono counterpart of polyfidelity/afidelitous.

    Gender Conformance

    Presentation Conformance

    Sex Conformance


    The conformance flag was created by the Tumblr blog conformant-archive on February 4, 2019.[1]


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