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    Hello, I'm Vinni <3

    I have a lot of names and I'm too tired to list them lol

    but I'll show some

    1. Vinni (general)
    2. Dawon
    3. Chanel (facet??)
    4. Sofia
    5. Daisybush


    1. He/Him
    2. They/Them
    3. Ze/Zir
    4. She/Her
    5. Xe/Xem
    6. Chai/Chaiself (when I go by Sofia)

    Labels I identify

    1. Nonbinary
    2. Genderfluid
    3. Artemisian
    4. Bisexual
    5. Panromantic
    6. Transgender
    7. AMAB (Wollfian)
    8. Littlefluid
    9. Male-Female
    10. Monopoly
    11. Androsexual
    12. Gynesexual
    13. Queer
    14. Transfeminine
    15. Multinominal
    16. Biflexible
    17. Dibellic

    Dni if

    1. You're queerphobic, racist, sexist, the basics
    2. you fetishize sexualities and/or trans people
    3. you're a paraphiliac who acts upon their thoughts
    4. you think domestic violence is cool / abuser
    5. if you're a narcissist (people with narcissistic disorder can interact though)
    6. you fakeclaim
    7. anti-neo
    8. you think mental illnesses are "aesthetic" (no sweetie, they're not)
    9. you fake disorders (people with factitious disorder can interact though)
    10. you use your mental illness to guilt trip
    11. anti-xenogender
    12. you're a monoracial poc who invalidates mixed people
    13. you think whitepassing POC are white

    People that don't wanna interact with me

    1. Morningsky155 (Opal, Achilles, Garnet, Ruby, (possibly all but I think it's just them, I'ma still be careful though) / no interaction)
    2. Bunny13crash (minimal interaction)

    Please DNI with me

    For now, I only have trolls that cannot interact with me

    My Triggers

    1. vomit (I have emetophobia)
    2. eating disorders (I'm sorry if I offend people with this!)
    3. blood (if it's a mention of blood, that's okay)
    4. kill/killing (if it's used as an exaggeration that's okay)
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