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    (TW For mentions of queerphobia, transphobia, Trump, fetshiziation, paraphillia, ableism, racism, “cringe”, animals, d//th threats (ea), s//c/de (ui, i), problematic figures)


    Do not interact if:

    • You are queerphobic (homophobic, biphobic, panphobic, aphobic, transphobia, or anything else similar)
    • You mock or dislike any transgender, intersex, nonbinary/genderqueer folks, or lesboys
    • You mock or dislike polyamorous, ambiamorous, or other non-monogamous relationships, or mock or dislike queerplatonic/alterous relationships
    • You mock or dislike micro labels or the use of multiple labels
    • You mock or dislike xenogenders and neopronouns
    • You are apart of any exclusionist groups - TERFS, SWERFS, transmedicalists, "battle axe bi", "longsword lesbian", etc.
    • You mock or dislike those into anime, kpop, jpop, etc.
    • You fetishize folks based off of their race, ethnicity, being transgender, or sex characteristics
    • You kinkshame or tell people to “die” or that it's "cancer" because of their kinks/fetishes
    • You think that kink pride (not to be confused with sex and nudity) or all cops should be out of pride
    • You think that certain non-harmful LGBTQ+ terms are "weird", "an excuse", or "looking for attention" (ex: believing that autosexual/autoromantic is just narcissism)
    • You don’t believe or like non-harmful users of harmful originated terms (such as queer as a reclaimed term, an anime/animatesexual who genuinely is ace-spec and attracted to anime characters)
    • You are fatophobic/fat shame
    • You support Donald Trump and/or his ideologies
    • You support Shane Dawson, Snowy Joe, Keemstar, Sia, or anyone similar
    • You are anti-feminist, agree with misogyny or misandry, catcalling, touching without their permission (aka sexual assault)
    • You are one of those "feminists" who get angry/mock/dislike women/femmes who like doing things deemed as feminine
    • You are a tradwife who believes that every woman should also be one and submit to their partners
    • You are an anti-vaccinator/don’t believe in vaccines or masks
    • You are racist towards any race
    • You don’t support Black Lives Matter, or instead support “All Lives Matter” and/or "Blue Lives Matter"
    • You are ableist towards any mental illnesses/disorders/disabilities (and yes, believing that certain websites should be left exclusive towards those with disabilities (such as with security and log ins) counts)
    • You genuinely hate all cishets, singlets, abled, and/or neurotypicals
    • You believe autism is a disorder
    • You discriminate against religious folks, agnostic folks, or atheists
    • You mock or dislike age regressors and/or species regressors, littlespace
    • You mock or dislike alterhumans/otherkin/etc.
    • You mock or dislike systems/plurals/medians, or endogenic systems, or treat members/headmates/alters in systems like they are not real individuals
    • You mock or dislike certain triggers or putting down trigger warnings, or lacking them overall
    • You participate in “cringe culture”, watch "cringe" compilations for fun, or use the word “cringe” to describe folks a lot
    • You are okay with giving death threats or suicide-baiting towards anyone, even to those who are problematic or may seem “problematic” but really aren't
    • You are participating in MAP, pedophilic, zoophilic, "pedosexual", etc. behaviors (please stop and seek help /srs). Having paraphilic disorders doesn't count, one can't control how they feel and are distressing to them
    • You’ve made anything saying if an identity is valid, or made polls about deleting a term in the beware section (it’s there for a reason, please don’t)
    • You’re one of those folks who seriously argue over trivial things (such as saying to a cat lover “dogs are so much better, get a dog, you’re a loser if you don’t like dogs”)
    • You're one of those folks who seriously accuse every single company you run into for pink capitalism, especially on those who are actually really supportive (please stop, it's really annoying and unfair /srs /neg)
    • You’re one of those folks who shame others for not liking horror or for looking scary, such as on Halloween
    • Honestly if you’re just mean and ignorant in general
    • An apologist or making jokes supporting anything on this list
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