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    Coining Affectual [116 words]
    (created by Chaoticcylinder on 2022 Jan 11 Tue 16:33:24 GMT)
    So I'll be making Affectual as a counterpart to Adfectual. Mainly because I'm unsure if my neurodivergence is the reason for my attraction and I want an alternative to Modosexual because while Modosexual is close, it describes constant fluidity which isn't what I have: Here's the definition "Affectual is an attractional orientation where attraction is dependent on ones state of mind and can shift in a given situation. Affectuals may also experience fluctuating sexual acceptability or repulsion. This can apply to any orientation or all forms of orientation. Affectual is similar to Adfectual, however one does not have to have a mood disorder or personality disorder to be Affectual, while they do have to be a trauma survivor or neurodivergent to be Adfectual.
    Counting "Cyclesexual" [119 words]
    (created by Chaoticcylinder on 2021 Dec 7 Tue 16:26:01 GMT)
    Cyclesexual: A bisexual or multisexual exclusive term and identity referring to bisexuals with sexual fluidity who are not always bisexual, but not enough to be considered abrosexual. Their romantic or sexual orientation may switch or go in different cycles or fluctuate in intensity as well. The person may switch from bisexual, to heteroflexible, Homoflexible, straight, gay or even asexual. They experience their bisexuality as a spectrum in terms of attraction and orientation. During this time, a bisexual may have little or no attraction to the other sex and may at the current moment be monosexual or they be flexible or even ace-spec . It is experiencing ones sexuality in levels and they go throughout the spectrum. One can be cyclesexual and be bisexual, polysexual, pansexual etc.
    Coining Amoracurious [13 words]
    (created by Chaoticcylinder on 2021 Nov 26 Fri 7:47:46 GMT)
    Coining a term Amoracurious to describe Aromantic people who are curious in romantic relationships and attraction. Made on November 25th, 2021.
    Coining Eroscurious [13 words]
    (created by Chaoticcylinder on 2021 Nov 26 Fri 5:02:13 GMT)
    Making eroscurious as a term to describe ace spec people who are curious about sex . Made it on November 25th, 2021
    Miranous Attraction [112 words]
    (created by Chaoticcylinder on 2021 Oct 2 Sat 13:18:18 GMT)
    Miranous Attraction or Quasisexual Attraction is a type of aesthetic attraction that is visual in nature and includes visually appreciating someone sexually or feeling sexually drawn to a particular person. This is could be considered a sexual variety of normal Aesthetic attraction. This is distinct from sexual attraction as sexual attraction is a form of physical attraction to a individual based on a desire for sexual interaction (sexual intercourse, sexually touching/groping, etc.) with a particular individual. It can also be described as feeling sexual feelings regarding a particular person or feeling aroused because of a particular person, but having no desire to engage in sexual activity. The desires however, can be sensual in nature.
    Demiasexual [158 words]
    (created by Chaoticcylinder on 2021 Jun 16 Wed 4:18:54 GMT)
    Demiasexual or "ParcialAsexual" is an Asexual who can experience vague undefined, or partial rare sexual attraction. It is a very specific part of Greysexuality, but more specific. However, unlike Greysexuality, this arousal and sexual attraction never occurs unless there is an emotional connection, similar to Demisexuality. Unlike Demisexuality however, this attraction is usually vague and undefined and between Aegosexual, Greysexual, and Demisexual rather than experiencing complete sexual attraction like Demisexual or lack of sexual attraction attached to arousal like Aegosexual. The term was first coined by user BadWolf2014 on AVEN forums to describe his own sexual orientation, as meaning "Asexual with Demisexual component". This term can also be applied to Cupiosexual Asexuals who do not feel attraction, but only desire sexual relations to those they are close with. Demiasexual people unlike Asexual or Demisexual people can either specify gender attractions or don't and simply just use "Demiasexual". It is similiar to Greysexual in how it can be an umbrella term, or specify rare gender attractions.
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