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    Trans-Friendly Term for Those who Have Preference [294 words]
    (created by Chaoticcylinder on 2021 Mar 8 Mon 22:30:27 GMT)
    Seeing the onslaught of "super straight" I see people already explained the problems about it so I'm here to coin something that is both trans friendly and specifies preference. Imprisexual Imprisexual is a term for those who have a certain orientation but have very specific preferences. from genital, to aesthetic these individuals may feel these specific preferences may very much shorten down their picks when out on the dating field. One may call themselves impriheterosexual, impribisexual, impriomnisexual etc. Imprisexual is on the sexual range of orientation whilst impriromantic is on the romantic range of orientations. One can be imprisexual but not impriromantic at the same time. Why impri and not SS? Problem with SS is that it implies its better if you aren't attracted to trans people, above that SS pluck out transpeople, and further cause a bigger divide in trans people and dating, it also specifies "natural born" which clearly is very dehumanizing to transgender people because it implies trans people aren't "natural." I have seen this thread from a support forum regarding SS and: https://forum.heartsupport.com/t/super-straight-scares-me/21001 it just shows the sheer harm it causes, many who are SS don't see the lives this is risking by continuing the mob and further damaging others. Its not showing respect, its just dehumanization disguised as a sexuality. If you guys want to show your preference, then do impri, its a flexible term to specify any preference and how it can affect overall the playing field in dating. Flag Don't have one yet but I plan to use some nice pastels and stuff and a human handprint to have everyone acknowledge we are all human and even if they have specific preference they respect you and care. :] Might add on but thats all I have for now!
    Poggers [31 words]
    (created by Chaoticcylinder on 2021 Jan 8 Fri 20:48:16 GMT)
    So I'm just vibing before I have to go and do virtual therapy. Gonna talk to her about my thing and Trevar as well, a bit nervous but not overly nervous. But hey hopefully it'll end up okay ^^
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