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    EVERY PROM LINK [0 words]
    (created by Chaoticcylinder on 2021 Jul 2 Fri 2:57:12 GMT)
    Important Links [13 words]
    (created by Chaoticcylinder on 2021 Jul 2 Fri 0:53:35 GMT)
    I Am Very Real My Queen/Princess campaign!
    Coined :D [1 words]
    (created by Chaoticcylinder on 2021 Jul 1 Thu 20:48:50 GMT)
    Pluviaferoic Pluviparian Celebrasexual Celebraromantic Flapazian Fuemontic Eeveelutiofluid Virtuamorous
    If you want a DNI [80 words]
    (created by Chaoticcylinder on 2021 Jun 30 Wed 17:22:28 GMT)
    Hey there, I ask everyone who wants a DNI with me to edit my user profile themselves under the personal DNI category I now have. Don’t leave a note, don’t leave anything. You can leave something on my message wall, but it will be deleted without a response because it makes me uncomfy to see all the negative comments, though I will add your user to my DNI list. If it’s just one headmate, add that name in parenthesis next to your user. Thanks.
    My Views [863 words]
    (created by Chaoticcylinder on 2021 Jun 30 Wed 17:21:02 GMT)
    TW//Politics, White House raid, Trump, Biden, vaccines, masks, etc I haven’t been vaccinated since I was 3 and I’m fine. My mom has done 12 years of research, uncovering reports the government tries to keep hidden. Though this isn’t hidden as much, the CDC’s list of vaccine ingredient includes 2x+ the amount of mercury you’re supposed to consume, along with mouse DNA, monkey kidney DNI, and MRC-5, which if you look up what it is, it is 14yo aborted male baby cells. I’m honestly not sure why any of that needs to be in there. Probably to keep them fresh or something. Secondly, more about the government. I don’t have anything against them, but it’s falling apart right now. I didn’t support the raid of the White House in any way. Trump had too big an ego and didn’t have a filter. The ONLY reason why my family considers ourselves Right (which isn’t really being a Right on its own) is because he wasn’t against medical freedom. We aren’t Democrats only because they’re trying to get vaccines mandated, and if this happens, we will have to move out of the country. I don’t have anything against people who vaccinate, you can do whatever you want, I’m not a Karen and neither is my family. (Part of the problem with the Democrats right now is also Biden in general. He’s losing it. On live TV he said he was running against Bush, and there was a clip of him signing some legal documents. In it you could just barely hear him whisper “I don’t know what I’m signing” and one of his assistants saying “Just sign it.”) An extra thing about the vaccines is that the companies that make them cannot be sued or “take responsibility.” Why? Because they’d be being sued left and right. Now for the Covid vaccine. Mainly it’s for the same reasons as the other vaccines, but with additions. It wasn’t tested enough, not one bit. Women in their 90s have received the vaccine and their periods started again. People in their 20s-30s who were perfectly healthy died a few hours after getting it. 2 of my biological female friends got it and both got sick, and one got their period when it wasn’t her time. People have even been getting sick from being around other people exclusively who have gotten the vaccine (because of cell shedding and those cells containing the Covid vaccine). I’m towards the end of my period right now, but I had another one last week. Now I definitely cannot prove it came from being around my friends who have all gotten it, but my mom suspects it. We also don’t know if someone who gets vaccinated will get cancer 10 years from now. Also for the question of “are you one of those crazy people that thinks Covid came from the 5G towers?” No, I am not. It came from a lab in China cuz patient 0 didn’t take the correct precautions after their session of studying was done. Covid definitely did not come from a bat. A certified researcher is studying it, and she said it was by far too manipulated already for it to be natural. Masks. Stupidest idea on the planet. The gaps in the fabric are too big anyways, the virus passes right through. It weakens immune systems because the few viruses and bacterias that DO get caught, can’t train the body how to defend against them. And if YOU have Covid and you’re wearing masks to protect others, as soon as you take your mask off you release all the icky bacteria you were breathing out anyway. The insides of masks get moist, which is where bacteria and viruses LOVE to grow. 3 mother’s recently sent their kids’ and their own masks to a lab to get tested. The results? Deadly viruses and bacteria that people almost never catch, along with common illnesses such as the cold. What we need (in my opinion) is herd immunity, but the government is making that impossible with all the “Wear your mask to protect yourself and others!” Onto the other stuff. I don’t really care about that. I think you should be able to buy a gun if you have no criminal record and it’s only for hunting (with a license) or to protect your family. I think abortion should be okay (as it is now), because what if someone was r@p3d and is too young to take care of a child? I’m always willing to send links if you’d like, but it might have to wait a few days from when you request them because I don’t have any, only my mom does, and she’s always busy with other things. But I would be able to get them for you, just not sure when. If you read all of this, thanks so much! I’m sure this doesn’t really change anything, but I’m happy someone is willing to listen and hear me out! -Sapphy
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