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    Gender update [41 words]
    (created by Chaoticcylinder on 2021 Sep 3 Fri 2:23:45 GMT)
    When I first question about my gender I was very confused and a bit stressed. I don’t quite know what it is so far but this it what I got so far alexi-demifluid boyflux schrodigender fuckgender and maybe blurgender and scribblegender So I identify as multigender
    can i make my own pronouns????? [169 words]
    (created by Chaoticcylinder on 2021 Jul 13 Tue 23:45:05 GMT)
    so i normally use he/him, she/her, they/them,it/its and neopronouns but i want to make or find more pronouns. the reason is because i dont really like going by he/her and sometime they/them. i do still go by them but not a lot. so you know the trans/homophobic pronouns joke by cishet people like "my pronouns are nor/mal" want to use it tho but not in the intensions it was made for. i want to use only "nor" from the trans/homophobic joke bc i kinda like it but i dont want to seem like im trans/homophobic, you know? like i want this pronoun to be like this: nor/nors/norself some like that idk. but if its too trans/homophobic i wont use it. like never use it. and also "neo" from neopronouns means new and i am a baby gay and i want to show im just expressing myself so how about neo/neos/neoself like idk share your veiws and comment cool different pronouns.
    im confused [467 words]
    (created by Chaoticcylinder on 2021 Jul 13 Tue 21:42:53 GMT)
    i am confused about my gender it never makes sense. at first i thought i was gender fluid but i didnt feel genderfluid any more, i felt that im more agender than gendered after a while i found a gender called librafluid that was what i thought i identfy but then i dont feel like im librafluid anymore. all i know about my gender is part of it is static (agender) and i feel im alexigender ,abigender (paraboy and non-binary),demiagender (agender and boyflux),fuckgender, blurgender, fluidflux, abyssalgender, agenderflux, paraboy, librafeminine, pangender and gendervoid. i would feel these gender i either fluid, all at once or mixure of some. i think im just polygender but for some reason i feel that i dont identify as polygender. my gender/s are like very messy its not simple like just identify as one gender( but even figuring out one gender can be difficult ) i want somebody to help throught this bc im getting very stresed about this and i just wanna relax and be happy of who i am. but im worried after a while i just identify as sometime else. if anyone who sees this please comment of any ideas or support or something . defenition of gender mention : agender- genderless or lack of gender genderfluid- gender that changes over time either in minutes,hours,days,months or years librafluid-part of gender is mostly agender and the rest is genderfluid alexigender- know they move between genders but can tell what gender they are abigender- agender and bigender demiagender- parcialy agender and parcialy other gender fuckgender- feels all gender but also feels no gender its static but also fluid, feels allover the place but also at one place blurgender- doesn't know what gender they are, because all the genders they are fluid between blur together and become indestinguishable from one another. Someone who is blurgender sort of knows what genders they are fluid between, but cannot tell the gender they are feeling at the moment. fluidflux-gender is fluid and flux at the same time abyssalgender-the person feels that their gender is in a abyssal like state agenderflux- partcialy agender and partcialy an other gender. the gender is fluid and flux, simaler to gender fluid but agender is static and outweighting the fluid part multigender-identify as two or more genders demifluid-a gender in which one's gender is partially genderfluid with the other part(s) of one's gender being static. paraboy-Paramasculine people identify mostly as a boy/man, but not entirely. The male portion takes up 51-99% of their gender. The other 1-49% can be any gender or combination of genders, but the most commonly reported is agender. librafeminine-part agender and part feminine/girl. the agender part outweighting the feminine part if your more intrested of any of their gender, do more research because these are not proper definition...
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