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    Neurodivergent ⭑ Chaotic ⭑ Ravenclaw ⭑ Cancer ⭑ INFP-T ⭑ Ambivert ⭑ Type 4

    Median System ⭑ Parasian ⭑ traumagenic, cryptogenic, endogenic ⭑ Orbital

    Hi! Welcome to my profile - check my bio for my names and pronouns!
    If you're not sure who's fronting, then you can use our collective pronouns - ae/aer

    Nicknames: none really
    Pronouns: pronounfluid; ae/he/xe/xae/she (use gender-neutral terms only please)
    Gender/presentation: neutral aligned, unaligned, fem-aligned
    Appearance: mainly human, part energy/light-type being | grey eyes, olive-tan-peachy skin tone, shorter golden-brown hair with highlights
    Interests: character creation
    Orientation: abro omni/pan, greyace demiromantic arospec
    Amory: monopoly (polyamorous preference)
    Relationships: in a qpr with vari <33
    Age: ??
    Roles: host, maybe co-core, more
    Other: idk
    Nicknames: not any known
    Pronouns: he/ey/it/ve/xe (use gender neutral terms only please)
    Gender/presentation: unaligned
    Appearance: tan, has freckles, light green eyes, unsure
    Interests: reading, writing, etc.
    Orientation: aroace cupioromantic nebularomantic
    Amory: ambiamorous
    Relationships: ?
    Age: ??
    Roles: possible protector, observer, caregiver, emotional processor (?), sort of gatekeeper, overseer, manager, soother, hygenist of some kind, more
    Other: Denali is very good at staying calm and regulating emotions, but is still sensitive and becomes upset relatively easily even if ey don't show it - so be careful
    Nicknames: snowcone (close friends)
    Pronouns: she/star/fae/per/thon (feminine/neutral terms please)
    Gender/presentation: fem-aligned
    Appearance: pale skin, bright blue eyes, fluffy white hair (fur?), canine-like ears/nose, feathered wings
    somewhat what Swift looks like on @hunbloom's picrew (https://picrew.me/image_maker/626197)

    Interests: not sure yet
    Orientation: ace-jump lesbian, neptunic (romantic), omniqu**rplatonic, demiqu**rplatonic
    Amory: ambiamorous
    Relationships: none
    Age: ??
    Roles: caretaker (for Ash/littles)
    Other: Swift is a sensitive, empathetic personality, and becomes very distraught and irrational when upset - please avoid upsetting her the best you can
    Nicknames: none
    Pronouns: he/sol/xe/they (masc terms please)
    Gender/presentation: unsure, masc-aligned, solarian, non-binary man, transmasculine, mascfluid, sunboy
    Appearance: medium skin tone, dark green eyes, short dirty/sandy blonde hair
    Interests: ??
    Orientation: vincian, uranic (romantic), nowomaqu**rplatonic/alterous
    Amory: ??
    Relationships: playmates with ollie
    Age: little/ageless we think
    Roles: unsure
    Other: N/A
    Nicknames: none
    Pronouns: she/spark
    Gender/presentation: female-aligned, fem-aligned, juxera
    Appearance: light-ish medium tan-ish skin, lighter brown hair that fades to blonde tips, hazel eyes, typically wears a sweatshirt and beanie + gold earrings
    Interests: idk
    Orientation: unsure, aroace, aplspec
    Amory: ?
    Relationships: none
    Age: teen, demi-ageless (?)
    Roles: possibly some kind of persecutor-protector, traumaholder, maybe co-core
    Other: N/A
    Nicknames: Vay
    Pronouns: pronounfluid - nullpronomial, void/it/ve/fir
    Gender/presentation: quoigender, genderless, agender
    Appearance: gray-blue skin, silver/dark gray eyes, white stars, fluffy gray hair, dark wings
    Interests: Deltarune
    Orientation: ??
    Amory: ??
    Relationships: none
    Age: ageless
    Roles: not sure
    Other: N/A
    Nicknames: murky rye, noob, etc. (only if friends)
    Pronouns: they/spark
    Gender/presentation: neutral/unaligned enby, juxera
    Appearance: ?
    Interests: WoF, helluva boss, etc.
    Orientation: aceflux omniromantic
    Amory: ambiam
    Relationships: none atm
    Age: body's age/demi-ageless teen
    Roles: ?
    Other: was dormant for a few months
    Discord: MercuryFlames#7904
    Element: @snowcone:matrix.org
    DA: MercuryFlames
    en.pronouns.page: @-rae-
    Neurodivergences/things we experience or have
    -We have diagnosed attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (combined type)
    -We have diagnosed major depressive disorder
    -We have diagnosed generalized anxiety disorder
    -The body has celiac disease
    -The body has a thyroid disorder
    -We experience derealization and depersonalization (often)
    -We experience dissociation (often)
    -We're pretty sure that we have synesthesia
    -We experience dysphoria
    -We think that we likely have rejection sensitivity dysphoria
    -We have diagnosed sensory processing disorder
    -Lying, starting arguments over said lies
    -Emotional abuse
    -Verbal abuse
    -Physical abuse
    -Being told you're "just too sensitive and need to calm down"
    -Unloading a dishwasher or plate/silverware noises
    -The smell of alcohol
    -Treating animals like mindless creatures and/or objects
    -Animal abuse
    -The nickname/name "Sarah" (no, it is not our legal name. do not ask, it is associated with a very bad experience)
    -Making fun of disorders or neurodivergence
    -Glorifying disorders or neurodivergence
    -Being told you're not good enough, a bad person, or worthless
    -Yelling, fighting, arguing
    -Emoji spam
    -Overly loud noises/music
    -If you're homophobic
    -If you're transphobic
    -If you're racist
    -If you're ableist
    -If you're a sysmed
    -If you're a transmed
    -If you're a furry hater
    -If you're sexist
    -If you're intersexist
    -If you're misogynistic
    -If you're discriminatory in any other way
    -If you use slurs you can't reclaim
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    Heyo, you seem cool beanz ^^ - Clover
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    -raining-stardust- (but we’re more than friends lmao,,,)
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