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    greetings, traveller. thank you for visiting.

    Here are all my secrets. /hj

    ✨fun facts about me✨

    • i am a member of the fishe club >:D
    • you can refer to me with either neutral or masc terms (no fem terms pls) /g
    • i am very much an inclusionist /g
    • i'm pretty sure im a pet regressor (specifically cat regressor)
    • i'm Gae (shocking am i right /s)

    everything else is covered below


    fun fact: i use any neopronouns! below is a list of pronouns I like (but any random neopronouns are ok)

    • drop/dropself
    • rai/rain/rainself
    • sky/skies/skyself
    • clou/cloud/cloudself
    • mis/mist/mistself
    • moon/moonself
    • star/starself
    • cir/cirru/cirrus/cirruself
    • soft/fluff/fluffs/softs/fluffself
    • rain/drop/rains/drops/raindropself
    • rai/rain/rainstorm
    • shroom/shrooms/shroomself
    • su/suwi/suwis/suwiself
    • ☁️/☁️s/☁️self
    • 🍄/🍄s/🍄self
    • 🌙/🌙s/🌙self
    • ⭐/⭐s/⭐self
    • 🌧️/🌧️s/🌧️self
    • ✨/✨s/✨self
    • 💦/💦s/💦self
    • 🌈/🌈s/🌈self
    • 🌌/🌌s/🌌self
    • 𖤐/𖤐s/𖤐self
    • that thing/it/its/that thing/s/itself
    • it/its
    • zey/zem/zeir/zeirs/zemself
    • xe/xem/xeir/xeirs/xemself
    • any pronoun ending with "aer"
    • any pronoun ending with "yr"
    • they/them
    • he/him

    Pronountheory for she/her pronouns

    Gender (this list is subject to change because there are so many labels out there that fit me lol):

    I am a caelumcollector (i also made dis :D )

    Similar to pronouns, I am all xenogenders (i think) but the ones listed are my favourite genders (:

    Whatever, gender is confusing ;-;


    Romantic attraction stuff:

    Alterhuman labels

    • i dont even know anymore im not human thats all i know lol
    • hmm i might be a cat

    Terms I coined:

    Interests/Likes (general tw)

    • drawing/art
    • sleeping
    • food
    • Minecraft
    • animals (especially cats)

    Rules for interaction (tw: bias in general)

    If you are any of the following, you may interact but don't try to debate me on your beliefs or invalidate me/others or you will get a DNI. As long as you are respectful, you may interact with limits. /srs

    • Anti-LGBTQ+
    • Anti-neopronouns/xenogenders
    • Ableist
    • Racist
    • Transphobic/Enbyphobic
    • Anti-pet/age regression
    • Anti-alterhuman
    • Conservative/Republican
    • Anti-vax/anti-mask

    Other things

    • Don't ask me about my identity labels - the page links are here, if you don't know what something is then click on it, or Google it. /srs

    you can write something here if u want (please do, so i don't look like an idiot ;-;)

    if you're reading this, you're valid (and you're still valid if you aren't reading this)

    User:L2 A Six - cisn't gang represent

    Hi this is Moorgathan and you're watching Disney Chanel (I probably wrote it wrong lol)

    Hiiii -all of TheColorfulCrew

    Now all shall know I was once here! - Lior (FoxBanana)

    Hello, hope ‘chu are well owo - Skuli (PanicAtta-ttack)

    hi - elliot

    heyy im leaving the wiki but i hope you have fun here! - moonSMH

    farewell, traveller. i bid you a good journey

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    Cookies help us deliver our services. By using our services, you agree to our use of cookies.