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    The implagender flag.

    Implagender or inexgender is the state of never being satisfied with one's gender no matter how well it fits due to self-doubt. This causes one to compulsively search and seek out something that fits even better—to find "the gender" or "the one truth"—though one will never be found due to:

    • Words never being able to describe one's gender.
    • One's gender being paradoxical. This inability to find a "one true gender" frequently causes self-doubt and can even cause the label implagender to feel imperfect to the individual.

    It is similar to xumgender; however, it is not exclusive to neurodivergent individuals.


    Implaflux is a gender under the genderflux umbrella describing someone who feels mostly or fully implagender the majority of the time but experiences fluctuating feelings of implagender-ness and intensity of their implagender identity. This typically involves feeling strongly implagender at some times and weakly implagender at other times. Implaflux individuals can fluctuate from feeling completely without feelings of being implagender to completely implagender. In between those extremes, one may feel slightly implagender, half implagender, mostly implagender, or any other amount, but not fully. Some individuals may move smoothly between intensities while others may quickly jump between intensities.

    An implaflux individual may also experience other, non-implagender identities, but this is not necessarily related to their implaflux identity.

    History and Flag

    The term was coined by the Deviantart user Ash-Doggie on or before July 6, 2016.[1] The flag was created by the same user around the same time. Black is for genderless individuals. Yellow is for non-binary. White is for the agender spectrum. Blue, purple, and pink is for femininity, masculinity, and everything in between.


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