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    Name: Tobin (Tobes)

    Age: 16 03/12/05 (DD/MM/YY)

    Pronouns: They/Them. Experimenting with other pronouns

    Nationality: Caucasian Australian



    Agender Man





    Religion: Non-Thiestic Satanist (TST) (No, I'm not evil, no, I'm not apart of a cult. Please don't assume, and if you don't like me just because I'm a Satanist, then please do use both a favor, and click that nice, shiny x button on the top-right corner)

    Disorders/disabilities: ASD, Anxiety, Depression. Getting re-tested soon. I'm also longsighted, heh

    Likes: Madness Combat, Batman, Spawn (Comics), Metal, PvZ, Furry, Rayman, Ratchet & Clank, Thriller/horror, Drawing, Religious studies, Carpentry/woodwork, Reading

    Dislikes: Rom-coms, Anime (Some exceptions), Cold weather, Starbucks, Make-up, Cosplay, Meat, Fish/seafood, Water (Phobia), Hooved animals (Also a phobia)

    Favorite movies: Dirty Harry, Sudden impact, No country for old men, Austin powers 1,2 & 3, Donnie darko, Se7en, Ninja batman, Monty python movies, Scary movie, Final destination, Saw 1 & 2, MiB, Shane of the dead, Django, Elisa & Marcela, The Babadook , Da Kath & Kim code & more


    Favorite bands: Rammstein, Al-Namrood, Sodom, Steam powered giraffe, SOAD, Ozzy Osborne, Alestorm, Weird Al, Fleetwood mac, Metallica, Exodus, Red hot chilly peppers, Frank Sinatra, Elvis Presley, Static-X, Live, Motorhead, Megadeth, Pantera, Beastie boys, Judas Priest & (way) more

    I probably wont use this website much, but if I do ill post my ocs. :)

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