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    A horizontal flag with six stripes; the top has a dark red stripe, the stripe under is light green, the next stripe is light orange, then a light yellow stripe, then a light red or salmon stripe, and the last stripe is grey.
    The sensualarian flag.
    An alternate sensualarian flag.

    Sensualarian refers to someone who “blurs” the lines between the types of relationships (romantic, platonic, sensual, sexual, etc). They do not fall into "official" relationship categories, such as boyfriend/girlfriend, friends with benefits, fiancé/fiancée, spouse, etc. These relationship titles may feel too constricting for these individuals as they feel that their partner(s) provide more or less than just what is typically seen in any given relationship category. A sensualarian may have relationships that they, or others, classify with these traditional labels; for example, they may have a "boyfriend" or "girlfriend" but they feel that the relationship provides more than just a romantic partnership.

    For many sensualarians, there is no “clear, cut” distinguishing mark between the variety of types of attraction, and they may identify as quoiromantic, platoniromantic, or idemromantic. Some individuals may also feel that they have the emotional capacity to love numerous individuals at once, but don’t feel polyamorous is a good fit for them.

    Sensualarian is similar to relationship anarchy in that they do not conform to traditional relationship standards, however, sensualarians have relationships that are often “in-between” typical relationships categories, whereas relationship anarchy completely breaks down all relationship categories and treats all relationships on a case by case basis. Sensualarian is also typically an identity for people who do not/cannot distinguish between different types of attractions, while relationship anarchy is a lifestyle.

    History and Flag

    Sensualarian was coined by Tumblr user Lgbtrainbowdolls[1] on or before January 16, 2017.[2] The flag was also created by the coiner. The color meaning is as follows: Dark red represents sexual relationships and feelings. Light green represents romantic relationships and feelings. Light orange represents sensual relationships and feelings. Light yellow represents platonic relationships and feelings. Pink/salmon represents love. Gray represents the blurring between the “official” types of relationships.

    An alternate flag was designed by Pride-Flags on DeviantArt on January 16, 2017. The color meanings are as follows: Color meanings: Gray represents the blurring of the lines between romantic/sexual/platonic, relationships. Pink and blue represents being capable of attraction to feminine and masculine genders. Purple represents being capable of attraction to non-binary individuals.[2]


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