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    The platoniromantic flag.

    Platoniromantic is a romantic orientation on the aromantic spectrum. It is a subcategory of quoiromantic and is closely related to idemromantic. It describes the feeling of not being able to distinguish between platonic and romantic feelings.

    Platoniromantic can be an orientation on its own or be combined with other romantic orientations. For example, one could be platoniromantic and panromantic, meaning that when one does experience romantic attraction it's towards individuals of any gender, no matter what.

    Platoniromantic is known as a micro-label, meaning that by saying that one is platoniromantic it is implied that one is also aromantic, or quoiromantic. In this case aromantic is the primary romantic identity and platoniromantic acts as a modifier, making a specific sub-category of aromantics and quoiromantics.