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    Genderstalic is a xenogender expressed through cute energy related to pastel colors and pastel-themed genders. Typically, these colors are the usual colors associated with said expressions, however, if one, for example, feels cute feminine energy from the color blue, that then is fine. This term is similar to Pastelgender and Cutegender.

    Variations of Genderstalic


    The term was coined on February 4th 2021, by FANDOM user GJKtale.


    The flags were made on the same day the term was coined by FANDOM user Zer0Rebel4. On all of the flags, the cream color represents gender identity, white represents ones idea of energy and presentation, and the beige represents xenogenders. The meanings of the other colors are as follows:

    • Femstalic: pink is feminine energy, and red is feminine pastels
    • Mastalic: light blue is masculine energy, and blue is masculine pastels
    • Neustalic: peach is neutral energy, and yellow is neutral pastels
    • Angystalic: lavender is androgynous energy, and purple is androgynous pastels
    • Xenstalic: lime is xenine energy, and mint is xenine pastels
    • Nulstalic: light gray is null energy, and dark gray is null pastels
    • Epistalic: gold is epicene energy, and salmon is epicene pastels
    • Femstalic Flag

      Femstalic Flag

    • Mastalic Flag

      Mastalic Flag

    • Neustalic Flag

      Neustalic Flag

    • Nulstalic Flag

      Nulstalic Flag

    • Angystalic Flag

      Angystalic Flag

    • Xenstalic Flag

      Xenstalic Flag

    • Epistalic Flag

      Epistalic Flag

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