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    Arcaenagender Flag with emblem
    Arcaneagender Flag without emblem

    Arcaneagender is a gender related to the act of researching additional parts of one’s gender identity that may feel “secretive” or “forbidden”, similar to how a witch or wizard may spend time studying in private to better understand themselves and their abilities. This is a feminine and neutral leaning gender that can also be influenced by eldritch / wizardry aesthetics, dark / bold colors, and shades of purple, pink, and gold.  

    The masculine counterpart to arcaneagender is archaeogender and the xenine counterpart is arkhaigender.  

    While this gender does take inspiration from witchcraft and witch aesthetics, it is not exclusive to pagans or witches and can be used by anyone regardless of religion.


    Arcaneagender was coined on May 5, 2021 by FANDOM user Snailrat, with the flags being created at the same time.  

    The name of this gender comes from the word "arcana", meaning "secret" or "mysterious".


    The two purple stripes at the top and the two pink stripes at the bottom of the flag represent colors commonly associated with femininity, space, and witchcraft, while the gold stripes in the center represent the core pieces of one’s gender identity, whether they have discovered all of it or not.  

    The emblem present in the first flag is of an old book with a magnifying glass and an eye, showing this gender’s connection to curiosity and wizardry aesthetics.

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