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    LGBTQIA+ Wiki

    To-Do and How To Help

    Hi! Right now I’m working on a bit of an experiment with blogs, so please be patient haha.

    I thought I should make a list of notes from mods, thinks to keep in mind when posting/ editing and how to help out for wiki contributors. I hope this helps someone.


    Here’s a list of projects the mods have been working on

    -Missing Section Categories

    -Resource Verification

    • Making sure the resources and history of a term are correct
    • Reaching out to coiners to find resources
    • When coining a term without outside resources, say that “this term was coined through this page and has no outside resources”
    • Once a page has been verified, add it to the “Verified Resources” category

    -People to Individuals

    • Mass replacing words using the find and replace tool
    • Searching for specific words to be removed and changing pages with those words

    We are in the process of changing the terminology used on wiki articles. Instead of using terms like people or person, we will be using terms like individuals or individual. This change in terminology is to make alterhuman users more comfortable on this wiki. (If you you are confused by this project, please read the alter human page. Also, feel free to contact the staff team)

    Thinks To Keep In Mind

    When Posting

    • Consider rereading the Community Guidelines if you need a refresher
    • Add proper TWs and CWs to posts (ask a mod if you don’t know what does and doesn’t need warnings)
    • Do not use all caps without a warning
    • Considering using alterhuman friendly language instead of words like people/humans. You can learn more about this here.

    When Editing

    • Consider rereading the Editing Guidelines if you need a refresher
    • If you’re would like to help out, consider working on the aforementioned projects

    When Coining New Terms

    Finding New Mods

    This wiki is currently lacking in the moderation department, specifically content moderators (content mods work with wiki maintenance. To be a content moderator, you must be well versed in the wikis rules and have a large number of edits. If you are interested in becoming a mod, contact our bureaucrat, Cryptocrew. Currently, you must be over 18 to apply for content mod,

    The wiki is also lacking in admins/mods (of any position) who are above 18. If you want to be a mod of any sorts, I would recommend having a decent number of edits/posts, and having been on the wiki for some time. If you are interested in getting a staff position and are 18+, please contact Cryptocrew.

    (Please note that all staff applications are close for individuals under 18.)


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