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    Questioning my gender

    (so- i have no idea if this is how you do this- im so sorry if i made a mistake while trying to make this, please tell me if i did)

    In December (2020), I was starting to feel like I wasn't a female anymore. So I started searching up stuff on here and eventually found the term demigirl, which I felt described me perfectly. Over the months, I've felt like I'm not a demigirl anymore, because I started feeling different genders week-to-week. I though, "Hmm, maybe I'm genderfluid?" so I went onto the genderfluid page to find more details. Turns out, I'm not genderfluid. Case in point: the page says, "[...] or feel they are sometimes agender may identify as genderflux." Case in point #2: sometimes I feel agender (like yesterday). So I go to the genderflux page, but wait! While I was searching for my gender in December, I also came across genderflux, and I didn't feel like it fit me (same thing right now). Then I think, "Is there a gender where you can feel both genderfluid and genderflux?" and I come across the term fluidflux. Well, I'm not fluidflux either...

    So, here's some info about me.

    I'm AFAB. I feel like my gender is fluid and it can change every week and/or every day. Sometimes my gender fluctuates but not often. This is what I normally feel like (kind of like the base of my gender, if that makes sense-):

    30% feminine

    30% masculine

    15% agender

    25% specifically for feeling like a demigirl because even though my gender is fluid, I still feel "undertones" of demigirl with the gender that I am at the time.

    Whenever my gender changes and/or fluctuates, I feel undertones of other genders as well. Like I mentioned, I almost always have undertones of demigirl. If I feel feminine then I have undertones of both demigirl and demiboy, but demigirl much more than demiboy. If I feel masculine then I only feel undertones of demigirl. If I feel agender then the undertones that I have (both demigirl and demiboy) are very, very small.

    (Also, I use he/she/they pronouns no matter my gender that day/week.)

    I hope that's enough info. Thanks for your time!

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