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    Hhhh gender help needed-

    Yeah, so I posted this on the worldgender page already, but I'm kinda impatient xD- sorry bout that...

    I need (well, technically "want to find out" instead of "need" but yeah) to know if I'm worldgender or not. (So, yea I need help determining if I'm worldgender or something else)

    Here's some info on my gender:

    I feel like there's at least 3 genders in me and usually there's this kinda prominent one. It's more of a masculine gender. Or like masculine aligned. I was born a female but don't really identify with that. Only sometimes, I feel a little bit of fem. I feel like without that little bit of fem, I'm like not complete or something? Idk. Does that even make sense?

    I feel like there's no fully fem gender that's in me, but there is a fully masc gender.

    Around the furthest the fem goes is demigirl or something close to that. I'm rarely demigirl and even rarer paragirl. Most of the time it's just agender identities and masc identities. Sometimes enby.

    But like, all of my genders are kinda connected with this emotional bond. It's really hard to describe that, but I feel like without one, I won't know what to do. (Idk if my brain makes me think that or what, but it's just odd-) I have no idea if I'm worldgender or not...

    But I did feel a connection when I read the worldgender description. That could mean nothing tho bc I felt a connection to the abrosexual definition and stuck with that for like 2 months, and it ended up not being me-

    To explain a little more on how my gender feels: So, let's use a cis male as an example. He's 100% male, and feels 100% male. I have this 85% of my gender that is some kind of masculine gender. That's permanent and always stays there. It doesn't fluctuate. That 85% is always whatever that masculine gender is (haven't figured it out yet). Then the other 15% goes back and forth. I have like 20 other genders right now, I believe. They kinda just go in and out. And they also have a little bit of their own personalities. It's not like DID or OSDD. It's just a little bit of personality. And they can't control me(/my body) at all. The 85% stays in control and is always conscious. But the 15% can like kinda influence my personality I guess? Idk how to describe it. It's kinda like a smol voice there telling me to do this or that. That's not the best description but idk how to describe it lol. Again, it's not that much of an influence, just kinda like an edge on my sentence, or being more kind/understanding, I guess. Little minor changes when that 15% of my gender changes. It feels pretty complex and complicated and idk if I'm just imagining it or if it's real...

    Anyway, if anybody can help me, it'd be appreciated! :))

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