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    LGBTQIA+ Wiki
    『✧ Welcome to our page! You can sign it here! ✧』

    The symbols we used can be found here.

    We got the coding for the shadows from this post.

    Warning: there are bright colours.

    ‧̍̊· ❀ .° 。˚  ҉ ˚。 °.✩˚̩̥·˙‧̍̊


    ♡ We're pretty sure we're demi-plural. There are typically only a few headmates active in a week or so, and the headmates who are mainly on the wiki change. If there's someone who isn't in our bio or here, then feel free to ask us about them on our Message Wall! ♡

    ➥We have fictives/fictionkin individuals from Gravity Falls, SVTFOE, Percy Jackson/Heroes of Olympus, The Owl House, The Land of Stories, and some more, but they aren't active.

    ➥None of us are looking for romantic relationships.


    ⇢ Mentioning us in posts? ✓

    ⇢ Mentioning us on other wikis? ☓ (if it's important you can ask us on our Message Wall.)

    ⇢ Messaging us on our Message Wall? ✓

    ⇢ Individuals we haven't talked to signing our page? ✓

    ⇢ Doubles (for Fictives/fictionkin headmates)? ✓ (if they're uncomfortable, they'll probably message you. If they don't, you can assume that it's okay to interact.)

    ⇢ Flirting? ☓ (this goes for all of us.)

    ⇢ Platonic affection? ✓

    ((You can add one, such as "Nicknames?" and we'll edit with an answer. (Similar to the questions section on this page))

    System Information

    ☁ System name: Mist System

    ☁ Shared name + pronouns: Mist/our username (we prefer that you call the specific headmate(s) fronting by their name(s)) + They/them

    ☁ Origins: Most likely Adaptive

    ☁ Shared interests: Gravity Falls, The Owl House, Secrets of Sulphur Springs, mystery + fantasy (genres,) pop music, Taylor Swift (songs,) learning about LGBTQ+ sexualities/genders etc.

    Important things about us

    ⇢ Most of us are LGBTQ+.

    ⇢ We have a lot of fictives.

    ⇢ We are uncomfortable talking about some Halloween movies, we'd prefer if you ask something like "Hey, are you okay talking about [movie?]". Not doing that is okay as well though!

    ⇢ We'd prefer tone indicators when you are joking or sarcastic, as it can be hard for us to tell.

    ⇢ If we don't reply to a message/reply/mention we were probably going to reply but forgot, or if it was directed at a specific headmate, they may have stopped fronting.

    Get to know our headmates!

    Mainly on the wiki:

    Kari's Appearance

    *Picrew used: https://picrew.me/image_maker/332600


    Names: Kari (mainly,) Kara, Kyri, Kris

    Gender: Genderfluid

    ⇨ Presentation: Neutral

    Pronouns: All, but aer preferred ones change

    System roles: Host and Core

    Other information:

    ⇢ Hi5888 is Kari's old account

    Vivian's Appearance

    Names: Vivian, V (both preferred)

    Gender: Agender X

    ⇨ Presentation: Masculine (as well as slightly neutral)

    Pronouns: he/him, they/them, it/its, and xe/xem

    System role: Companion?

    Other information

    ⇢ Vivian likes to type in lowercase

    ⇢ It's pretty energetic and outgoing

    Faye's Appearance

    Names: Faye (mainly,) Fawn, Angel

    Gender: Panfingender

    ⇨ Presentation: Feminine

    Pronouns: she/her, they/them, fern/ferns

    System roles: Protector, Gatekeeper, possibly Companion

    Other information:

    ⇢ Fern is kind

    ⇢ They like soft objects, such as blankets

    Star's Appearance

    Names: Star, Luz, Conner (only when fictionflicked to Conner Bailey,) Starry, Shine, Celeste

    Gender: Demigirl? Male when fictionflicked to Conner Bailey

    ⇨ Presentation: Fluid

    Pronouns: she/her (most used,) ae/aer, he/him (when fictionflicked to Conner Bailey)

    System role: Unsure

    Other information

    ⇢ Fictionflicks to Star Butterfly (From Star Vs. The Forces of Evil,) Luz Noceda (From The Owl House,) and Conner Bailey (From The Land of Stories)

    ⇢ Her favourite colour changes

    Charlotte's Appearance

    Name: Charlotte (only)

    Gender: Quoifem

    ⇨ Presentation: Feminine

    Pronouns: She/her

    System roles: Protector and Caretaker

    Other information:

    ⇢ She likes meditation and nature

    ⇢ She is a caretaker of our little (we do not share information about them)

    Multiple/All of us

    ⇢ We all enjoy watching Gravity Falls and similar shows (such as The Owl House)

    ⇢ We're looking for friends

    ⇢ There are a lot of us who have only been on the wiki one or two times

    ⇢ Our collective pronouns are they/them

    ⇢ We have an innerworld, and go there when not fronting, but the memories of it are a bit blurry/fuzzy


    You can edit this section to ask a question, and we'll answer! (We may also add that information to the page.) If it's directed at a specific headmate, please say in your message.

    Sign/Write a message!

    [it appears a wild gay has approached you] -DistinctiveSoy (V)

    [oh no, a second wild gay has made an appearance] - Axilyte (?)

    I hope you're having fun on the wiki!! - Pastelglitches (Aidan, xe/ey/ve)

    Ello! - Gray (any pronouns except she/it)

    hello humans and non-humans - Salem and Ren ( he/fae/li/mew )

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