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    Hi, my name is Henrieta (Not Henrietta, I am not from english speaking country!) but I would apreciatte way more if you called me by my preffered name Henka (a nickname). Henrieta is also a name given originally by my parents (fun fact: me and my mom have the same name!). For a long time I have been struggling and thinking about my sexuality but this wiki helped me a lot! I was so stupid, I terally have mistaken aesthetic attraction for sexual attraction and I thought I was bisexual heteroromantic TwT. And my real sexuality? I am definitely NOT attracted to female aligned people because v*gina looks kinda scary to me... I mean, it look gross to me. Seeing a d*ck isn't also making me comfortable but I can look at it for a while (but I am very obsessed with d*cks). For now I go by "omni-aesthetic" but I am not really sure. I am not aesthetically attracted to a girl often but some times I am able to simp for two genders at the same time (aesthetically). It's not apreciatting someone's looks, it's about not being to get my eyes off them (in this case I am sort of gender blind). I definitely love boys and I always have been straight and I basically never liked girls. Sometimes I get a bi-vibe and I think of me liking both genders but the problem is that I am not sexually or romantically attracted to girls, I don't want to do anything with them. As for gender, I have never experienced dysphoria and I always have been very happy and enthuziastic about me being a girl and I actually never wanted to be a boy or another gender. I also loved/(and LOVE) presenting myself as feminine and I always wanted my hair to be very long (but that's more because of my th____ su_____). I always have been identifing as 100% girl. I am not sure about my romantic orientation though. I am definitely NOT panromantic or lesbiromantic. I am either straight, straight ace (most possible identity) or actually ace on aro-spectrum (maybe demiromantic, aegoromantic, laimoromantic?) but I see myself being heteroromantic because that's what suits me the best. I also have a crush on The Rowdyruff Boys but don't call me weird, I know that they are over five but I like them only aesthetically and romantically. I also have never had a girl crush or being obsessed with a girl, basically I never liked a girl. That's what makes me (probably) straight and I am sort of boy obsessed but I absolutely apreciatte anything what mentions bisexuality and even smiled after reading some bisexual quote and I even used to believe I am on bisexual umbrella because I am enthuziastic about them but then I realised that their feelings are kinda different from mines and that's what makes me not bisexual (I also considered being heteroflexible too but I don't identify as this anymore, some people take this term as biphobic but I never did find it biphobic and I absolutely adore every multisexual and a-spec identity).

    My MBTI: INFP (possibly INFJ with fi instead of fe and I am not sure if I use ne or ni more). My enneagram is 4w5. I am the excact opposite of a phleghmatic person, I am melancholic, sanguine and sometimes choleric. I am definitely not a sensing type, keep that in mind because some person asked me if I ever considered being a ISFP, I said nicely no and I said the reason why not, but I still thanked them as I should :)

    Guys I am way too lazy to have ne but I actually daydream all the time without even noticing it and I actually don't care about the facts, I ideologize everything.

    The reason why I came here? I don't fully remember the reason why I came here but I love this wiki and I love every non-harmful identity on there. This wiki even made me less hateful and more accepting. The reason why I am there is because, first of all: Very addictive, second: I love how you find a new label, start questioning, describe on comment how you feel and then some time later some other person gives you a link to another label. I absolutely adore this wiki! And people are more acceptable and I love how there are also friends and how others are nice! It's just that in real life it would be hard to say to other cishets that "I am asexual", and the same goes in LGBT places saying: "I am heteroromantic" even though I am not me, there are so many good ace-spec and aro-spec labels, but the "heteroromantic" is my preference. Edit: I just realised I am aroflux heteroromantic and asexual when it comes to the real life people.

    Another edit: I am an arrow ace

    (sorry but I just love the joke)

    27 November 2021 5:15 pm: I am not trying to cause drama or something but since I am now on someone's DNI it feels bad now but of course that is because I made people upset (what is because of upvoting) so I am saying I won't upvote anything at all since now, so I won't make more people upset.

    I tried sticking with:

    • Aromantic/Quoiromantic (towards real life people) , Grey-Heteroromantic/Aro-jump/Quoiromantic??? Ficto-Adexromantic/Lithoromantic/Hyporomantic/Alterousromantic (towards one specific fictional character)
    • Agensexual, Asexual, Ansexual, Aspectussexual (towards real life people) Dark Grey-Heterosexual/Acespike/Aliquasexual/Ansexual (when it comes to cartoon characters)

    I am a little bit Neurodivergent, though I don't consider myself to be since it doesn't affect me that much (since pandemy). Yes, I have Body/Gender Dysmorphia what kinda causes me to change labels in gender (sounds weird though) and I have Tourette (vocal and motor ticks, I have Tourette since 2017 but since pandemy they are barely visible so they don't affect me that much anymore). My I am obsessed with daydreaming and it often distracts me from learning, it is not an exuse to just have fun. I have a fear of gaining weight and I am obsessed with calories, I always check when I start eating and stop (the MINIMAL time to eat a small meal is 20 minutes, but it usually takes me 25 minutes to a little meal). I have Schnessenphobia so I am pretty much scared of eating and I eat two times a day and my first meal is 3/4 hours after waking up and my last meal (lunch) is 6/7/8/9 hours before going to sleep (usually 6 hours but once it was over 11 hours). I have Eurotophobia and I am Apothigenital.

    Labels what I relate to

    1. Bifluid (Sexuality)
    2. Straightflux
    3. Heteroflexible
    4. Straight Queer
    5. Omniaesthetic
    6. Heteroromantic
    7. Cupioromantic
    8. Pluric Attraction Model
    9. Aegoromantic
    10. Aceflux
    11. Inactsexual
    12. Inaitisexual
    13. Bellussexual
    14. Greysexual
    15. Bicurious
    16. Aroallo-unsure
    17. Platoniromantic
    18. Acespike
    19. Nosexsexual
    20. Apothisexual
    21. Labelflux
    22. Aegosexualflux
    23. Greyrose
    24. Novisexual
    25. Chronosaromantic
    26. Fictosexual
    27. Androsexual
    28. ARCsexual
    29. Dysphorsexual
    30. Quoisexual
    31. Mirous Attraction
    32. Alloaestheticflux
    33. Bisensual
    34. Gender Dysmorphia
    35. Greyro-Ace
    36. Dark Greysexual
    37. Angled Aroace
    38. Questian
    39. Emotusexual
    40. Angled Aroace
    41. Sourcesexual
    42. Oriented AroAce
    43. Aroflex
    44. Dysphosexual
    45. Heteroaesthetic (It kinda hurts when you identify with label what is deleted)
    46. Agensexual
    47. Hetspike (actually "Ficto-hetspike-aesthetic")
    48. Phobiagender
    49. AFAB-P
    50. Genital Sofrimento
    51. W-Altguina
    52. Apothigenital
    53. Quoiflux
    54. Paragirlish
    55. Merosexual
    56. Bigenderswap
    57. Hypercisgender
    58. Aliquasexual
    59. Sex-Averse
    60. Romantically Non-Conforming
    61. Near-asexual
    62. Near-aromantic
    63. Sexually Non-Conforming
    64. Hyporomantic
    65. Ansexual
    66. Alterousromantic
    67. Aspectussexual
    68. Dick Girl

    I like calling myself "ace" because that is accurate but I might call myself "straight ace" but not that often, I don't call myself purely straight anymore. I also call myself "heteroromantic" instead of the more specific labels: "cupioromantic" and "laimoromantic". Or grey-heteroromantic. Maybe I am even Oriented AroAce who is comphet. The thing I know that the only gender I could possibly attracted to is male or masculine presenting nonbinary people. The only possible attraction. But I am very sure I never felt these things (at least not on real life people) before so I am not very sure. I saw this: https://www.reddit.com/r/asexuality/wiki/faq/how_do_i_know, but I didn't relate to the stuff that allosexual people were saying so I might be somewhere on ace-spectrum, but the word "asexual" is the most possible term for me, I don't feel sexual attraction, I am asexual. Or maybe grey-fictosexual. But the "fictosexual" thing people outside of this wiki take as invalid and they say it mocks this comunity. I might be also Pomoromantic but I love labeling myself. I'll just say that I am grey-heteroromantic. I just said who I like. The word Pomoromantic doesn't focus on "who I like". The gender thingy is so easy for me, just simply a girl. But the sexual/romantic ones... I don't have much problem with the romantic ones because it is just that I would date a boy or I would date no one, even though I would like to have a husband in future.

    13 October 5:21 pm edit: I feel pan for some reason, like a asexual panromantic TwT. 5:56 pm edit: Why do I feel like romance is not important? I feel aromantic now :'D

    12 November 2021: Now time for headcanons, don't tell me that you think the Rowdyruff Boys (or at least Brick) are not asexual :D

    This user is Disambiguan (joking, I am confused)

    Pages I made

    Semi-heterosexual (it got deleted because the page was too similiar to other terms/labels, it was up for one hour though, I really wished that it won't happen, it did)





    My picrews

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