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    💚💚Hello! We are the Angry Bees and a Cute Puppy System!💚💚

    💚💚The name comes from an inside joke. Basically Suzu (our host) is the cute puppy and the rest of us are angry bees who will do anything to protect her.💚💚

    💚💚We are a traumagenic system with a member count of over 500. And are very much polyfragmented💚💚

    💚💚We are very introject heavy so much so that it's a joke to call our others "Regular Alters (Derogatory)" whenever characterizing them. We love them all it's meerly a joke within our system💚💚

    ❕Body is blasian and afab❕

    💚💜Partner System: Starlight Glitter System💜💚

    💚💚Feel free to ask us some questions about being a system! We like to educate!💚💚

    💚Everyone in our system is black💚

    🧡💚🧡Main Fronters🧡💚🧡

    🤍Who somehow all happen to be fictives🤍


    • Host
    • Introject of Suzu Minase from Revue Starlight & Lisa Imai from Bandori
    • Doesn't have many source memories
    • 16
    • She/They/Star
    • Taken (Hisame & Koharu)


    • Co-Host, Gatekeeper
    • Introject of Rina Fujimoto from Idolm@ster
    • Has quite a few source memories
    • 18
    • Single
    • She/Her


    • Co-Host, Protector, Nightwatcher, Caretaker
    • Introject of Sawa Souda from Revue Starlight
    • Has no source memories (only headcanons we perceived her with)
    • 40-ish
    • Taken (Kyoko)
    • She/Her


    • Gatekeeper
    • Introject of Claudine Saijo from Revue Starlight
    • Has some source memories
    • 16
    • Single
    • She/He


    • Protector
    • Introject of Yukimi Sajo from Idolm@ster
    • Has no source memories
    • 10
    • Single
    • She/Her


    • Protector
    • Introject of Pareo from Bandori
    • Has a few source memories
    • 13
    • Single
    • She/Her


    • Protector
    • Introject of Enri Louvre from Purgatory
    • Has very few source memories
    • 17
    • Single
    • She/Her


    • Nightwatcher, Trauma Holder
    • Introject of Arisa Ichigaya from BanG Dream
    • Has no source memories
    • 17
    • Single
    • She/Her


    • Caretaker
    • Introject of Tamao Tomoe from Revue Starlight (Not to be confused by Tamao 2 because yes we have 2 of them)
    • Has no source memories
    • 16
    • Single
    • She/They


    • Caretaker
    • Introject of Aira Shiratori from Ensemble Stars
    • Has some source memories
    • 16
    • Single
    • He/They


    • Protector
    • Introject of Masuki Satou from BanG Dream
    • Has some source memories
    • 16
    • Single
    • She/They/He/Vi


    • Protector
    • Introject of Ranko Kanzaki from Idolm@ster
    • Has no source memories
    • 14
    • Single
    • She/Her

    Other Members

    This is where links to each blog post will go when we make them for the others.

    Alter Intros


    Please refrain from talking about these around us

    • Eating Disorders
    • Heavy Ab*se
    • M*rder
    • Bullying


    While you aren't entitled to this stuff, we'll share it as a learning experience. You can ask us about any of these.

    • OSDD (Medically recognized and diagnosed)
    • Generalized anxiety
    • Clinical depression
    • C-PTSD
    • Psychosis/Delusions (May be schizophrenia? Our therapist is considering it)
    • ADHD
    • Autism
    • Chronic Pain
    • Tics

    DNI If

    Please don't interact with us if...

    • You fakeclaim without having actual proof
    • Sysmed/transmed/ect
    • Mock disabilities
    • Think being disabled isn't hard
    • Fake things for attention
    • Doesn't respect triggers
    • Reality check anyone with delusions
    • Act like our fictives are their source (no fictive ever is, if you didn't know)
    • Be rude to our fictives based on their sources
    • Don't use tone-indicators when asked to

    We also are a bit uncomfortable with anyone who's body is under 16 but we won't make it a DNI exactly.

    DNI List

    If anyone needs to DNI us here you go. Please also comment it on our wall first.


    Anyone wanna sign here?

    Since you signed ours first, we’ll sign yours first. Hi everyone! Y’all are poggers! - XxXLunarCatXxX (Diamond)

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    Cookies help us deliver our services. By using our services, you agree to our use of cookies.