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    Telesexual is an umbrella term used to describe sexual attraction or sexual related experiences that are strongly affected by fiction. Unlike fictosexuality, which is the attraction to fictional characters or a sexuality influenced by them, telesexuality is where fiction in general affects a person's attraction and/or arousal. This could be written works, movies, TV shows, graphic novels, or other mediums. Similar or related terms to telesexual include malasexual, sex-fantasma, and fictosexual.

    Some examples of why a person might use this label are below

    • If someone can feel sexual arousal only when watching or reading fictional content
    • If someone is sex-repulsed when encountering sexual situations in person but are excited by them if they are fictional
    • If someone feels attraction to fictional characters but don't want to/doesn't feel comfortable using the label of fictosexual
    • If someone experiences MADD or immersive daydreaming and feel this affects your sexuality (malasexual)
    • If someone feels like fiction changes how they feel about sex


    Telesexual is a relatively new term, being coined on October 23, 2021 by Red of the Sciurus System (Arlosfork). The origins of the term were on Discord.


    The telesexual flag was made by Red of the Sciurus System (Arlosfork). The blue symbolizes the unique connection and togetherness between fiction and telesexuals. The white and grey represent how fiction is disconnected from us and reality. The purple represents telesexuals and the real world around them, separate from fiction.

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