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    The Quoiflux flag.
    Quoiflux is a mixture of quoi- and -flux, wherein the user feels like they are on the aro or ace spectrum, but their feelings are hard to pin down and determine, and may be influenced by their mood or the day. They may feel as if they fluctuate between different labels, like -flux, but are not always able to describe their feelings or say what labels they are. Quoiflux individuals may also feel like they identify with multiple labels all at one time, with varying levels of intensity. This can fluctuate rather quickly, sometimes with multiple labels feeling right in one day. These terms do include gray- (ex. gray aroace) and demi- (ex. demispike) labels, as someone who is quoiflux can experience romantic or sexual attraction at some point, just like with these two identities.

    This can be used for any type of attraction. The term can be used on its own or with the orientation type (ie. quoifluxromantic) and/or with the gender(s) they are attracted to (ie. homoquoiflux/quoifluxhomo).


    Quoiflux was coined by Tumblr user officialaspec on March 18th, 2020.


    The flag was created by the coiner of this term.

    Color meanings:

    Green - Taken from the aro flag, and stands for aromantic people, either on the spectrum or who are aromantic and quoiflux

    Teal - For fluctuating arospec feelings and identities

    Blue - Taken from the quoi- flag, meant to represent the unsurity of one’s feelings

    Indigo - For fluctuating acespec feelings and identities

    Purple - Taken from the ace flag, stands for asexual people, either on the spectrum or who are asexual and quoiflux


    1. https://officialaspec.tumblr.com/post/612900201992159232/thinking-of-coining-a-new-label-arofog-acefog
    2. https://officialaspec.tumblr.com/post/613134258093113344/to-everyone-liking-this-could-you-please-reblog
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