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    Parcialabrosexual flag by Reign of the breadsticcs
    Alternate parcialabrosexual flag by Reign of the breadsticcs

    Liberosexual, also known as parcialabrosexual or Libresexual, is a sexuality that is partly static and partly fluid, meaning attraction to one gender(s) stays constant while attraction to other gender(s) changes. An example would be someone liking men and women one day but then the next day likes men and non-binary people. They could also experience fluid and flucuating attraction or different types of fluidity to other genders while their primary attraction never changes.

    It is a micro label of abrosexual.

    History and Etymology

    This term is named liberosexual, because NishinoyaFan, the creator of the term, plays as libero in volleyball, and felt a connection to it. Otherwise, this sexuality has no real connection to sports.

    Parcialabrosexual comes from the Portuguese word for partial, "parcial". It was coined originally as its own term on March 1, 2021 by FANDOM user Clear.Skyes, but was later merged with liberosexual. Libresexual was created by FANDOM user PennedWriterz on August 25, 2021 as an alternative to Liberosexual both to cause less confusion over the sports association and to give the sexuality a shorter and easier to pronounce name. Libresexual comes from the word "libre" meaning "free" in Spanish.


    The flag was created by Fandom User NishinoyaFan. The colors each represent different things, with blue being for masculinity, pink for femininity, purple for both, and white is undefined genders. The orange stripe has no real meaning besides healing, as it was only added because the creator, NishinoyaFan, liked the look of it. The flag also has a shield on it to represent that libero is also the name of a defensive volleyball position, which is the main inspiration for the name.

    Both of the parcialabrosexual flags were designed by FANDOM user Reign of the breadsticcs on March 1, 2021. They are both based on the abrosexual flag.

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