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    The iodic flag.

    Iodic is a term for aromantic and other a-spec people that can be used to describe their ideal relationship. An iodic person’s ideal relationship would be more emotionally involved than what’s typically associated with friendship in western society, and would have a similar level of closeness to what is typically associated with romance. They would likely want to do things like co-habitate with their partner, and make major life decisions with their partner. They may also desire to get (non-romantically) married, and potentially adopt kids or pets with their partner. They might want to do typically romance-coded things like kissing, or going on dates, if they are comfortable with it.

    An iodic person is someone who is interested in having a queerplatonic relationship, close friendship, appromour, delamour, or something similar that involves a high level of commitment.

    Iodic can be used as an identity or it can be used to describe a relationship itself. For example one could say "I am iodic." and they could also say "I am in an iodic relationship." If they're aroace, an iodic person might also identify as oriented aroace or angled aroace.

    The term for aromantics who do not want close relationships is callistic. The term for aromantics who want a relationship that isn't as close as this is europic.


    The term iodic was coined by Tumblr user Thearoacespace on June 5, 2019[1]


    The flag was created by Tumblr user Thearoacespace on June 7, 2019[2]. The color symbolism is the following; Blue represents oriented aroaces. Green represents aromanticism and the aromantic spectrum. Yellow represents platonic relationships and feelings. Orange is in between red (romance) and yellow (platonic) showing that their ideal relationship is either romantic or platonic, but might include elements of both, there are multiple shades of orange/brown showing the spectrum of experiences. Brown also represents angled aroaces.

    The circle represent the "closeness" of one's ideal relationship. Two circles have overlapped to create one circle.


    The term iodic comes from Io, the moon of Jupiter. Io has the closest orbit out of Jupiter's main four moons.


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