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    The Gonadal Dysgenesis flag.

    Gonadal Dysgenesis is an intersex bodily/corporeal variation of the atypical embryonic development of the gonads, with reproductive tissue replaced with dysfunctional, fibrous tissue, which is called streak gonads. Streak gonads are a form of aplasia, resulting in hormonal failure that manifests as sexual infantism and infertility, with no initiation of puberty and secondary sex characteristics.[1]

    One with this variation cannot ovulate as their reproductive tissue is not formed and is instead replaced with simple tissue. This is usually seen with people who have 45,X/46,XY Mosaicism or Turners syndrome, however it can be a variation amongst itself.

    This variation may also cause one to fall under the secondary sex agenesis spectrum.

    Swyer Syndrome

    Swyer Syndrome is a form of Gonadal Dysgenesis. It is typically affecting an AFAB otherwise or CTF individual with müllerian genitals and a müllerian reproductive system, that have their functionless gonads that are replaced with streak gonads. If left without HRT, they will not experience puberty.[2] This often causes one to also have AFAB Hypogonadism.

    The name was chosen to be named after the endocrinologist who first discovered it, Gerald Swyer.[3]


    Swyer syndrome was first described by G. I. M. Swyer in 1955 in a report of two cases.[3]


    The Gonadal Dysgenesis flag was coined by Reign of the breadsticcs on May 7th of 2021. It has no confirmed meaning.[4]


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