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    The fray- flag.
    The frayplatonic flag.

    Frayplatonic is an a-spec identity defined as someone who only experiences platonic attraction towards those that they do not have a deep connection with. After developing a deep connection with that individual, they lose platonic attraction towards them. Frayplatonic is often described as being "the opposite of demiplatonic".

    It is important to note that frayplatonic is not the same as getting "bored" with a friend, lacking the energy to communicate with them, or having a short attention span. Frayplatonics can still have a strong platonic bond with someone without being platonically attracted to them. Or, alternatively, one may lose the desire to be friends to someone when they are still acquaintances with them [1].

    Frayplatonic can be an orientation on it's own or can be combined with other orientations. For example, one can be frayplatonic and homoplatonic, meaning when one does experience platonic attraction it's only towards individuals of the same gender.

    The sexual counterpart is fraysexual and the romantic counterpart is frayromantic.


    The frayplatonic flag was created by MOGAI wiki user Rust&Stardust based on the fraysexual flag [2]. The top blue and cyan stripes represent strangers or acquaintances. They are purposely the inverted tones of red and yellow, which symbolize romance and platonic love. The small, yellow stripe represents platonic attraction. The white stripe represents a lack of attraction. The grey stripe represents the aplatonic spectrum and one's confusion about their orientation.


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