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    The cupio- flag
    The cupioromantic flag, by anonymous.
    An alternate cupioromantic flag, by idratherhavecake.
    An alternate cupioromantic flag by unknown.
    Alternate cupioromantic flag by Fandom user Mothfree
    Alternate cupioromatic flag by ElderflowerJuice
    Cupioromantic Symbol

    Cupioromantic, previously known as kalosromantic, is a microlabel on the aromantic spectrum. Cupioromantic is defined as someone who does not experience romantic attraction but still desires a romantic relationship. Cupioromantic individuals are typically romance favorable but they do not have to be. Cupioromantic may also be used by those who sometimes feel romantic attraction but still desire a romantic relationship even without attraction, for example, a demiromantic individual who dates someone before they feel attraction to them, possibly on the assumption that they will develop romantic attraction later on. Another example could be someone who is frayromantic who dates someone after they lose their romantic attraction.

    The sexual equivalent of cupioromantic is cupiosexual. the opposite is orchidromantic.


    Kalosromantic was coined by Tumblr user acelyssie on or before June 16, 2014.[1] It is unknown when or why the term was changed to cupioromantic.


    The cupio- flag was designed by an unknown DeviantArt user on or before July 4, 2015.[2] The color meaning is unknown.

    The cupioromantic flag was proposed by an anonymous Fandom user in October 2020. This was done to help distinguish between the cupiosexual flag and the cupioromantic flag, as the flags were the same beforehand. The flag was turned upside down, since the aromantic flag is upside down compared to the asexual flag. Another stripe was also added to match the aromantic flag, which, in the same way, has one stripe more than the asexual flag. The pink was changed to peach as a way to show that the desired relationship type is romantic, rather than sexual.

    The third alternate cupioromantic flag was proposed by Fandom user idratherhavecake on January 20, 2021. The first three stripes have the same meanings as the cupiosexual flag, and the final pink stripe was switched out for green to represent being aromantic.

    The alternate flag by Fandom user Mothfree were designed in September 2021. The darker pink represents love, the lighter pink represents lack of attraction, the white represents relationships, the lighter green represents romanticism, and the darker green represents romance.

    The cupioromantic symbol was created on October 28, 2021, for an LGBT+ symbols poster. It consists of a heart and a slash through it to represent a lack of romantic attraction but a heart at the tip to represent a desire or taste for romantic relationships. Along with the cupiosexual symbol, it was created by Fandom user WiiFyneLM.


    The prefix cupio- comes from the Latin word cupio, meaning "to desire" or "to long for".

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