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    The coifleumari flag
    Alternate coifleumari flag
    Coifleumari concept art

    Coifleumari is a gender in the Scene System that can be described as a beautiful seaside cliff covered in gorgeous flowers. As the world is graced by the immense figure of the cliffs, bold in their power and golden in the sun, the cliffs exist within both the reality of the aquamarine waters below it, lapping it in the refreshing air, and the reality of the flowers blooming atop the precipice- everything is grandiose, open, fresh, beautiful, flowery, and deeply cleansing, like flowering oceanside cliffs.


    Coifleumari was coined along with its flag on June 24, 2021 by Tumblr user mogai-sunflowers (Reign of the breadsticcs on FANDOM).[1]

    Flag and Concept Art

    The primary coifleumari flag was designed by Tumblr user mogai-sunflowers on June 24, 2021.[1] The flag's color meanings are currently unknown.

    The alternate flag was designed by Wikia FANDOM user Pinkieshy 1012 on July 9, 2021. The flag's color were color-picked from the concept art: Dull purple represents refreshing air and androgynous genders, Dark blue represents aquamarine waters and masculine genders, Light purple represents the seaside and aporine genders, Light orange/orange represents bold sunlight and fluid/flux genders, Honey yellow represents golden sunlight and neutral genders, Magenta represents flowers and feminine genders, and Brown represents cliffsides and xenine genders.[2]

    The concept art was provided by Tumblr user mogai-sunflowers on the day of coining.[1][3]


    Coifleumari comes from the Irish phrase for seaside (cois fairraige),[4] the French word for flower (fleur),[5] and the Spanish word for sea (mar).[6][1]


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