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    Chaosflux is a gender that is tied heavily to neurodivergence and/or influenced by hormone fluctuations and sensitivity. This gender expression is characterized by a chaotic fluctuation and/or fluidity between various genders. The length of genders experienced varies: It could last for only a fleeting moment or for several years, and there is no limit to the genders that are experienced, though frequently they can be xenogenders.

    It can be described as feels like stumbling and crashing through from one gender to the next, with potential peaceful periods in-between.


    Chaosflux was created by FANDOM user Schmeephilis on August 14, 2020. It was created after realizing gendervast does not fit their gender experience, and not being able to find a term that fit. Their gender is influenced by their ADHD, cPTSD and PMDD, but the most chaotic fluctuation seem to happen at the height of their hormone sensitivity from the PMDD, or when struggling with mental health. Though, chaosflux could be experienced by those with other neurodivergencies.


    The flag was created by a FANDOM user going by Alex on October 5, 2020. The black represents a void and emptiness between each expression, and blindness as one attempts to make their journey. The yellow represents a blinding light and beautiful discovery upon finding a new way to express yourself. The orange represents a calming peace upon each expressing type. The red represents nuerodivergency and sensitivity, as well as the mind. The maroon lightning represents an explosion and chaotic slam of genders and expressions. The flag in whole represents an explosion within a void.

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