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    The Breakup-Buddies flag.

    Breakup-Buddies are a relationship similar to casual relationships, in which two or more friends help one another get over a breakup, through romantic, sexual, or other intimate acts. Breakup-buddies act as emotional and physical support for one another, and may or may not develop into a fully-committed relationship, depending on the type of bond they form.

    Breakup-buddies differ from rebound relationships. Rebound relationships are relations in which two or more people begin fully dating one another, without taking time to move on first. Breakup-buddies, however, are using their time together to work on moving on, and are both aware and consenting towards the other people's grief/heartbreak.

    Just like any form of relationship, breakup-buddies are not functional for everyone. Despite this, they can help those that they do function well with, and can create a stronger friendship between the participants (or blossom into a fully-intimate relationship.)

    Date Dealers

    Date Dealers are forms of breakup-buddies where, after the individual(s) have moved/healed on from their ex/breakup, their breakup-buddy helps set them up on dates with new potential partners, and continues to be their breakup-buddy until they find a new relationship. This is specifically for individuals who want a new relationship, and doesn't apply to all breakup-buddy dynamics.

    Other Uses

    Breakup-Buddies is sometimes also used to reference two (or more) friends that are there to emotionally support someone after a breakup. If one uses the term breakup-buddies, and the context is not clear, one should ask for context in order to know which definition they are referring to.


    The term Breakup-Buddies (in the intimate-relationship context) was coined through the Disney cartoon known as Star vs the Forces of Evil, within the episode known as "Kelly's World." This episode was released on March 31st of 2019.

    Within the show, two characters known as Marco Diaz and Kelly both declared one another breakup buddies. Kelly stated "If we're honest about it, maybe we could be, breakup buddies?" Marco went on to ask what that meant, and Kelly explained that "Well, you kinda, help each other forget your old feelings so you can move on. Also you can kiss, when the mood is really romantic. And you can hold hands."

    The term date dealer was coined on August 29th of 2021 by Star Butterfly from Cryptocrew's system.

    Flag and Symbol

    The flag and symbol were coined by Star Butterfly from Cryptocrew's system, as her source is from the cartoon the term was coined in, and as she has experiences with breakup-buddies as well. They both were coined on August 16th of 2021.

    The pink represents romantic acts, the red represents sexual acts, yellow represents platonic acts, pale yellow represents queerplatonic/alterous acts, and the white represents the spectrum of affection between/separate from these. The symbol is made to represent two pieces of a heart slowly knitting back together into something new, stronger, and better, while the circle surrounding it represents the protection and strength given from a breakup-buddy. The black/dark-grey represents non-conformity in relationships, including ethical non-monogamy.


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