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    The original athenian flag.
    The alternate athenian flag.

    Athenian (also known as Athenic or Minervan) is a term referring to someone who does not experience at least one type of attraction. It includes individuals on the asexual spectrum, aromantic spectrum, Aplatonic Spectrum, asensual Asensual Spectrum, Ansthetic spectrum, and any other lack of attraction spectrum. It is based on terms like achillean and sapphic.


    Athenian/Minervan was coined by Tumblr user Disney-swiftie on September 7th, 2020.[1] The terms was named after the Greek goddess Athena who is commonly interpreted as asexual and aromantic in modern times and Minervan comes from the name Minerva, Athena's Roman equivalent. Alternate terms were created by Chaoticcylinder on December 10th, 2020 in order to distinguish the term from the word for someone from Athens.


    The original flag was created by Disney-swiftie on September 7th, 2020. Olive represents Athena/Minerva. Purple represents asexual Individuals, green for aromantic Individuals, and white for all aspec Individuals.

    An alternate flag was created by Chaoticcylinder on December 10, 2020. The purple stripes represents asexuals/ace-specs. Green in the leaves represents aromantics/aro-specs. The white stripe represents a lack of attraction in general and encompasses all other Individuals who lack attraction.


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