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    The xenopronoun flag.
    Alternate xenopronoun flag by mourningmogaicrew.

    Xenopronouns are a type of hypothetical neopronouns that are not able to be understood by humans and/or expressed through human language. Theoretical examples of xenopronouns include

    • Pronouns that involve concepts that humans do not have words for.
    • Pronouns whose meanings cannot be translated into any human language.
    • Pronouns that include sounds that would be impossible for humans to make, if spoken.
    • Pronouns that include sounds that humans cannot hear, if spoken.
    • Pronouns that include movements that would be impossible for humans to do, if signed.
    • Pronouns expressed through a form of communication that humans cannot use.

    No specific examples of xenopronouns can be provided because, by their nature, it would be impossible to express through human language. In the case of xenopronoun users it is best to use auxiliary pronouns or treat them as nullpronoun.

    Xenopronouns are exclusive to alterhumans and headmates who identify as (or just are) animals, aliens, robots, or other non-human creatures.

    The word xenopronouns is often incorrectly used by individuals who actually mean neopronouns. This incorrect use may be due to individuals who are xenogender using neopronouns, and mixing the words without realizing that xenopronouns are something else. Another reason for its incorrect use is that many individuals do not feel comfortable calling "unconventional" types of pronouns (such as nounself or emojiself pronouns) as neopronouns, which are thought of as being only "more conventional" pronouns such as xe/xem.


    The xenopronoun flag was coined by a user going by Ruthie on November 14th, 2020. The blue stands for aquatic or air based non-humans, brown stands for mechanical or mythical non-humans, green represents ground based non-humans, and red represents space-based or other-worldly based non-humans.

    The Tumblr user Mourningmogaicrew created a new version of the flag on or before May 23rd, 2021. It keeps the same colors as the original with the same meanings, but also adds black to represent not being human, white to represent the wide range of non-human identities, and purple to represent otherkin specifically. [1]


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