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    For people to understand about Animesexual of what it really is

    -DISCLAIMER- I respect your opinion about "animesexual" I have no hate on your answer nor opinion but this is my opinion about "animesexual"

    Yes there are people who are likely to see kids on gacha life who are infamous for fetishizing the LGBTQ + community and mostly more stuff that is homophobic, but saying that animesexual isn't a really sexuality because of body pillows and "simping" for anime characters isn't fetish and it isn't part of the LGBTQ + community, it's mostly to a community to people who have it difficult or impossible to be attracted towards people in real life which of course contains aromantic and asexual, there's a lot of people mostly making fun of animesexual and mostly being rude about it, you see before anime became popular, the first anime ever made was "Hakujaden" that was created 1958. As people who had watched that anime in that day of time or have seen it in this part of time was people was attracted to anime characters it was just never heard for it to really been a sexuality because of what they pronounced it "bullshit" you see none of this was created to be a sexuality cause it was never exited until a anonymous wiki user made a animesexual flag in October 24, 2020 which I'm thankful for that yes I am attracted to anime characters even people, but I struggle with falling in love, you see people get broken so many times they ended up falling apart into pieces that turn into ashes, people who watches anime is a way for them to escape from reality why? because In our imaginations we think anime characters would love us and never leave us but if they were real our imaginations isn't going to be the same just because we want them to be real they are just going to like everyone else, yes we always think if there was a portal to what called "anime world" to live there for our lives because of the fantasy, we think that because we hate this world and mostly it's "destroyed" not like the world ended but the pain and destruction that is going on, but "simping" isn't ridiculous saying it's disrespectful and calling it bullshit may affect others who are attracted to anime, as what I've seen on the internet disrespecting people who watches anime I couldn't help myself but explain it fully, I've been seeing comments saying "go touch some grass", "your a joke" even calling us "delusional" and even making videos saying "to all those people who are animesexual I present you.....go touch some grass" cause this is legit a full on disrespectful thing to say it's making you look like a dumbass (sorry for language) this is what I call "bullying on social media" and the people who say animesexual are part of the LBGTQ + community you are %100 wrong it isn't part of the LBGTQ community it's part of a community where people who watches a lot of anime who are actually called "WEEBS" so it's part of the anime community not LBGTQ cause saying that is a disrespected to both community's as part of the anime community I don't accept "gacha" nor "those type of people" thank you for reading.

    [this was only to people who really didn't understand what was animesexual really was and on the other hand it is a sexuality but it isn't part of the LBGTQ + community it belong to the anime community where we "WEEBS" like to watch anime and cosplay as those anime characters and I'm sorry is these people are making fun of LBGTQ community and mocking the anime community]


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