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    Coining many new terms for genders on this post-

    Xynthera: a singular gender identity, just like female, male, juxera, etc. It is a gender that, like juxera, is derived but distinctly separate from femininity. In the case of xynthera, however, it is not just derived from feminininity. It is also derived from xeninity. Xynthera is a single gender that is derived from both femininity and xeninity, but is a single gender, not a mix of the two, and is still completely unrelated to how xenine people and feminine people experience their (respective) xeninity and femininity. Xynthera is not a combination of feminine and xenine, nor is it someone who is multigender who is both fiaspec and xiaspec or has xenogenders. It is a distinctly separate gender from the two: derived from them but experienced as a singular, completely coalesced gender that relates heavily to qualities of femininity described in an entirely xenine way, that experience is core to the gender but is still separate from "standard" femininity and xeninity.

    Xynthvir: the masculine version of xynthera

    Xynthari: the androgyne version of xynthera

    Xynthouri: the outhrine/aporine version of xynthera

    Instrugender: general term (could be an umbrella term or a gender on its own) where one's gender is in some way influenced by a musical instrument

    Genderstaccato: a musicgender that is decisive, shortened, and pronounced, in a musical way. One's gender can be pronounced and decisive, but if not experienced in a musical way or in relation to music or music theory, then their gender would not be genderstaccato.

    Genderetude: a musicgender that feels like a very specific category or technique of music, while feeling "short" and light"; based off 'etude', a piece composed for a particular technique development which is often short and specific

    Genderconcerto: a musicagender where one feels that their gender is like a beautiful piece of music, but is composed of one strong, "focus" gender which is complimented by background musicagenders (like how background music supports solo music in concertos)

    Genderorchestra: a musicagender where one feels their gender is or is like a string orchestra, feels like a piece of music played by a string orchestra, or is a combination of all instrugenders for string orchestra instruments (violigender, celligender, contrebasigender)

    Gendersymphony: a musicagender that either feels like a combination of most or every single instrugender (therefore feeling like their gender is a literal symphony composed of a lot of instruments and therefore different kinds of music), and/or feels like their gender is an extremely complex, prodigous, deeply emotional musical experience composed of complexly and beautifully interwoven musical aspects and aesthetics/musical instruments. Slightly similar to harmonigender

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