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    Suggestion Response (pt1)

    Hello everyone! This blog post explains responses to criticism/suggestions and explanations of how we plan to fix and issues provided to us. This will not have all the current suggestions, but if users enjoy these posts, we will continue to make more.


    “I think there should be an announcement on a list of required trigger warnings, I have accidentally forgotten one before and it didn't turn out well.”

    Actually, we do have a list of triggers warnings that can be found in section two of the Guide to the Wiki, (by ThatAnnoyingDemigirl). We are also currently reevaluating our rules about forgetting trigger warnings.


    “is it possible that we could make the wiki more democratic? Right now it's an oligarchy, and the staff have all the power, and make decisions without consulting the members of the wiki. This is flawed and leads to unfairness in the wiki. I suggest consulting with members before making decisions, rather than only consulting the staff team and leaving the members our of wiki-wide decisions.”

    The staff team has been working on this issue. We all admit corrupt mods are an issue, and Contie has been working on reevaluating our mods. The staff have started to use public polls for major decisions (ex: decisions regarding page relocation) and are trying to be more transparent with users. This blog is proof that we are working to be more open about changes. We want to hear what you all have to say, and we want others to help contribute to the wiki.


    “I feel like we should have a big meeting going over things every week. And also focus more on pages too not just the discussions website part”

    Unfortunately, meetings will likely not be possible due to time zones and personal issues. However, we have been making suggestion threads, involving users in wiki polls and have announced new changes.

    The staff team has been working on sorting and fixing pages to some degree for a long time. However, our lack of content mods has severely detoured our goals. Currently, both the pages and discussions are on hold until we can reevaluate our staff team and wiki rules. Once those tasks have been completed, we will try and start getting content mods and sorting page work.


    “Please rest. Re-evaluate your articles carefully but with time. Don't make rash decisions with demoting anyone. Please be-rid of the System, Neurodivergent, and other non-LGBT+ pages to keep on topic. Communicate and find trustworthy users to help out. Hold an apprentice program, even? To run through users you'd like to see as mods. That is all I have to say for the moment. Thank you for your time. :-) — 🪄”

    Like I stated in the previous part, we do plan on getting more content mods to fix pages. We also carefully making new regulations for our staff team. Currently, Contie has been working very hard on our new staff programs. If you would like to discuss the non-LGBTA pages, you can find our public vote here.


    Thank you for reading this. We appreciate your patience with the changes on this wiki. Although it may not look like much is happening, we have been working tirelessly behind the scenes. We have privately worked in collaboration with many users, and we are ready to do what this wiki needs. Thank you for your time.

    If you found this post useful, we will make more posts responding to criticism soon.

    Created 11/2/21

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