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    So....hi. I don't really know what to say here.

    I haven't been a supporter of LBGT for most of my life. Recently, however, things just... started changing. I no longer felt weird when I saw same-sex couples. I watched a video to educate myself on Asexuality and what it was cause I was curious, and I remember thinking... "wow. Why would anyone not support this? It doesn't make any sense!" I started feeling a desire to reach out to the community and learn more about them. And then all of the sudden, one day it just hit me--I no longer was against LBGT. I kind of... loved it.

    And then I realized another thing. I was in love with a girl.

    It was a fictional character, sure, but... it was still new for me. I kind of panicked, because I felt... bad about it. I felt like I'd let my family down or I'd let my parents down. I wanted to talk to people about it, but none of my friends support it and I couldn't just TELL them. They'd reject me. Probably call me weird. I actually first talked about it on a youtube comment thread, also mentioning that my family is very religious and wouldn't accept me. (My parents are super religious and I hate to link that to them not being supporters, but... they ARE supporters. It's like, mom, I just wanna be Catholic AND support LBGT, is that too much to ask?) Someone replied to that comment, however, and it just... hit me. They said "God won't punish us for something we can't control."

    That just made sense. This whole time I was under the delusion that we can CONTROL who we're attracted to, and I just made a mistake somewhere that lead me to this. But that's bullshit. People are BORN with these tendencies, and trying to shut them down is... stupid.

    This whole thing has been really confusing for me and I'm not really sure how to put my feelings into words. I just felt the need to get this out somewhere where I know I'll be accepted. If you read through this, then... thank you. I love you. Greetings from a maybe-bisexual and a new member of the LBGT community!

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