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    this is just me ranting. i dont know why the fuck you are here since im not that active, but hi. anyways, im kinda just explaining myself.if you havent met me before on some other wiki, i WILL swear, and sometimes bring up sensitive topics, but swearing is mainly the big one.

    1. if it makes you feel any better, ive noticed that the main reason why i swear is me putting a sheild around myself, to hide what i really think, so people dont have to worry about me and i can care for my friends, or just repel people i dont know. AKA i know no one in person here since this is the internet, hence why i swear so much. Kinda depressing, but once you get to know me im really just a teddy bear. but also, its like, besides my anxiety, my only shield from real life and how fucking cruel it is.
    2. HAHA yes gramar mistakes. im in advanced and yet you get to read this mess. anyways, its all really just my shitty typing, as i dont really give a crap with my typing,and autocorrect can sometimes be my friend. just know that when you see me, at least one grammar/spelling mistake will be present
    3. can we not? ok im forcing myself to write this part, but its anxiety. its like, on a scale of small to high, like a medium for me. thats all you need to know. it exists, and people denying that it isnt real- i- n o
    4. ooooooooh denial pogchamp! ok this should be the ast depressing thing you have to read, but anyways, i call myself pan, because if they are atraccted to all genders, at least i would be accepted into society in some way, even if i was "half gay" or whatever you want to call it. but im pretty sure im a lesbian. also, i call myself demiromantic just so i can deny the fact thta i really like that one person. or sometimes its true, but fuck it.
    5. Protecc. if you dArE insult one of my friends in any way, i WILL be making sure that i will get revenge for them. dont do that
    6. I also care for them. ive been nicknamed the mom/therapist, and will listen to any rant they have and try to help them in any way possible. this also goes for animals
    7. If i like something, im going to be addicted to it. for years. currently the things i like the most are Wings of Fire and the Dream smp. Oh also i really like sander sides, but we wont talk about that. anyways, yes if i got hooked, expect me to talk about it, or at least make references for awhile. OH SHIT HOW DID I FORGET STAR WARS- also softball and just throwing things is pog
    8. im a memer. not entirely, but enough to annoy people. or at least thats what i tell myself
    9. I have a bad memory. thats all. oh also im an atheist, but i have so many christian friends that i know most of what has happened.

    Hey look ten how convenient! anyways, if you wanted to know more about me, this was it. one caring, depressing, unfunny extroverted mess. Hey but thats everyone in the world isnt it? anyways, have a good rest of your day

    (and yes, i tried really hard to not make references there)

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