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    All nighters. A fun thing to do when you want to have that little bit of extra time. Whether you're gaming or finishing up your old math homework, you've at least pulled one all nighter. On the wiki and on the internet in general, and even amongst my friend groups, the discussion of all nighters has come up a number of times. All nighters can have horrible effects on your health.


    As an insomniac, all nighters make me feel horrible. The aftermath of staying up 24hrs+ is horrible. It isn't fun to stay up all night. The only time we willingly stay up 24 hours is on New Years Eve, because it's family tradition. Even then, we go to bed at around 1 if possible, as that is the best for our health. Examples of some of the aftermaths of an all nighter are drowsy driving, car accidents, mental slip-ups, and poor cognition

    Your health

    It's also entirely unhealthy. Fun fact, they can have effects on your cardiovascular and mental health, have a link to obesity and diabetes, and has effects on immune function. Your health is important, so you should focus on that before you focus on sleeping So, you want to put your health on the line just for a fun little "all nighter?" Trust me, you shouldn't.


    Lack of sleep can also put your life on the line. Yes, you read that right. You can die from lack of sleep. The most significant issues associated with chronic sleep deprivation are high blood pressure, heart attack, heart failure or stroke. It can also cause your brain to deteriorate. Which, all of these can lead to you six feet under. That'll get you to sleep, literally. You won't be waking up this time.


    All nighters are horrible effects on your health, especially back to back. You shouldn't stay up 24 hours, under any circumstance. Yes, that counts for cramming that last Netflix episode. Even if you're studying, you need sleep. If you can't sleep, try to include some physical activity in your routine. You can also try to turn devices off 30 minutes before you sleep. Read a book, if you have access to one.

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