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    \\ General TW & CW //

    Note: Please refer to our DNI list at the bottom and do not interact if you fall under our list bulletpoints.

    The host of Systeroamia highly recommends anyone from there to not interact in any Discussions on this wiki including Discord except for self-questioning questions or edits on pages. We will be reading off this wiki for research and editing purposes only due to witnessing a ton of negativity, toxicity, and dare the host says, immaturity on this wiki and on its Discord.

    The host can go on and on on how disappointed he is in many individuals of this wiki, but ae will decide to leave it there.

    /vsrs /vu /nm at members of Systeroamia or at anyone who hasn't acted in a toxic way or have genuinely learned from their mistakes

    ⭐️ Welcome to Systeroamia ⭐️

    Our Profile Picture

    Systeroamia (pronounced sister - roam - ia) is a polygenic, pluralqueer, polynull, mixed system, a polyplex with 3 sidesystems and several subsystems.

    (PLC): 🌤️, 💞 , 🕯️, 🍀, 🐸, 🎧, ✨☄️🌈

    ➤ Danni

    Danni, who also doesn't mind going by other names, is the host of Systeroamia.

    Picrew credit goes to Cosmitasia
    • Danni, Cyprus, Elliot, Rome, Unit, Vesper, Neon
    System Roles
    • 18+
    • He/him, they/them, it/its, ae/aer, min/mins, peg/pega (pegacorn), lumin/lumins (luminosity), flae/flare/flares, neo/neon/neons, 7/7s, 🐈‍⬛/🐈‍⬛s
    Gender Identities
    Gender Modality
    Tertiary Emotional
    Tertiary Physical
    • Autism, social anxiety, seasonal depression (winter), suspecting DID/OSDD
    Alterhuman identities
    • Alienkin, catkin, pegacornkin, Ena-hearted
    Misc. identities
    • Astronomy, music (preferably electronic/classical/rock, though I like all kinds), inclusionism, teal/cyan/turquoise, Minecraft, Roblox, FNAF, Vocaloid/Utauloid (mainly because of Piko), Christmas (most favorite holiday), cats/dogs/other cute animals, my 5 system partners, DIY, Christmas, tacos, pizza, drag
    • Bullying, ignorant/snobby minds, gatekeeping, misrepresentation, most social media (drama), most horror stuff (except for a few like FNAF), "cringe culture" and labeling others as cringe/cringey, huge critics, trivial things taken too seriously (aka not light-heartedly), folks who judge solely based off of zodiac signs, winter (except for Christmas), tomato (/lh)
    Favorite Aesthetics
    • Punk, gothic, trendercore, spacecore, glowwave, retro
    • Studding, songwriting, drawing, learning about new identities, stanning Utatane Piko (Vocaloid), BTS, and soon Blackpink
    Important (all /vsrs /nm)
    • See our DNI list before asking me to be friends.
    • I’m mostly introverted. Talking’s alright, but not too much of it unless I'm very familiar with you.
    • I don't believe in stereotyping zodiac signs, so please don't be friends with me solely or mainly because of my zodiac sign. Similarly, do not make fun of me or make assumptions because of my zodiac sign (I'm a Gemini).
    • I actually prefer to referred to as an “individual” or “folk” rather than “person”.
    • Please do not call me a softboy or similar unless we know each other well. Similarly, do not call me "cute", "babe", "sweetie", "pretty", etc. unless confirming that you see me as the way I am and not as female.
    • Personal sexual questions are a big no, unless we know each other pretty well.
    • Try not to mention anything that can be potentially triggering (such as homophobia, racism, etc). I’m trying to stay away from negative stuff the best I can because it has drained my mental health ever since.
    • Please censor the words c/v/d-19 (o,i), p/nd/mic (a, e), and q//r/nt/ne (ua, i, i), or better yet don't say them at all.
    • Please do not use the word "cringe" around me unless that is part of your pronouns and/or names.

    Please, do not ask why, make excuses, or argue with me on why you don’t want to respect these. /vsrs /nm

    ➤ Origins

    We are a polygenic system. Here are our known origins:

    • Adaptive & stressgenic - formed in response to trauma and other difficulties.
    • Araisagenic - formed through escapism and imaginations.
    • Parogenic - formed through thought-based or metaphysical means, often intentionally.
    • Neurogenic - formed based off of neurodivergency.
    • Kinform - formed based off of one’s kintype(s).
    • Heartform - formed based off of one’s heartype(s).
    • Soulbonding - fictional character or presence walk ins.
    • Dreagenic - sleeping dreams affects plurality.

    ➤ Our Sidesystems

    Incase anyone's curious, we currently have three sidesystems as follows:

    ➪ Roommate Space

    This is our main system and the one more up front. Here is where Danni and his median members, as well as some of their family, are. There are a few subsystems, one leading to an alternate world, one leading to some fictives’ sources, and one leading to a separate house of relatives.

    ➪ Alternate Reality (AR) Dimension

    This is a sidesystem and a reality gateway where many introtives live. There are a few known communities that live there, all of which are subsystems.

    ➪ Dream Complex

    This is a sidesystem (and a reality gateway at times) where dreams take place. Members are able to walk into other members’ dreams or start their own while they are awake. Some even come from other members' dreams.

    ➤ Terms We Have Coined

    ➤ DNI

    Our DNI list are as follows:


    ➤ Our Missions

    Anyone else outside of Systeroamia can partake in this as well. These are mainly just edits to make the wiki more inclusive. Please do not undo our edits below:

    • Changing "person" and "people" to "individual", "individuals", or "folks". The alternatives are more inclusive towards alterhumans/otherkin individuals.
    • Changing any all cap text to lower caps. All cap texts can be triggering for some individuals.
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    Cookies help us deliver our services. By using our services, you agree to our use of cookies.