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    DNI If

    • You are Queerphobic in any way, shape or form. This includes, but does not limit to, purposefully misgendering individuals, claiming a gender isn't real, claiming an attraction isn't real and claiming a pronoun set isn't real.
    • You do not use common Trigger warnings. If you are unsure about which are common, check here.
    • You do not use Tone indicators. While I personally don't usually need them, it is a matter of common courtesy. Click here to see a list of common indicators, or scroll down.

    Fair Warning: I enjoy Dream SMP content, and this page will have slight references to the SMP. Proceed with caution.

    This Is Me

    • Name: Jade/Jaderose
    • In front of Queerphobes: Bisexual, She/Her, Female
    • Neurodivergency: Inattentive ADHD (I usually write ADD), probably some form of ASD (not diagnosed yet)
    • Notes: If there is not the option to use neutral terms, I am fine with female and/or male terms
    • Triggers: None


    My Pronouns
    Nominative Accusative Pronominal Possessive Predicative Possessive Reflexive
    They Them Their Theirs Themselves
    It It Its Its Itself
    Ze Zir Zir Zirs Zirself
    Blu Blue Blues Blues Blueself
    Tan Tan Tans Tans Tanself
    Dot Dot Dots Dots Dotself
    Aqui Aqui Aquis Aquis Aquiself




    Terms I have coined

    People I Am Friends with

    Not in any particular order

    Stuff I Like

    • Minecraft
      • Hermitcraft
      • Dream SMP
      • Songs of War (Black Plasma Studios)
    • Murder Most Unladylike (detective series)
      • Set in 1930s England and features a queer protagonist
    • Music
      • I had flute lessons for six years
      • Singers/Composers
        • Afterinfinity
        • CG5
        • Kanaya
        • Jono
        • Derivakat
        • Or3o
        • Elgar
        • Roger Whittaker
        • ABBA
    • Lego
    • Drawing
    • Writing (usually DSMP Fanfiction but I am planning two books)
    • Maths (yes)

    Tone Indicators I Use

    • /j: Joking
    • /gen: Genuine
    • /srs: Serious
    • /s: Sarcasm
    • /pos: Positive
    • /neu: Neutral
    • /neg: Negative
    • /hyp: Hyperbole
    • /i: Irony
    • /t: Teasing
    • /th: Threat
    • /nm: not Mad
    • /mj: mostly Joking
    • /ij: inside Joke
    • /li: Literal/Literally
    • /ref: Reference
    • /p: Platonic

    Any others will either be added or will just be written like this: /tone, e.g. /amused


    Some of my memorable Posts


    I am accepting of all genders, orientations, identities, and forms of expression. Feel free to be yourself around me!

    Coding by Tadashi

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    Cookies help us deliver our services. By using our services, you agree to our use of cookies.