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    Current Status

    Atlas is a dino

    TW// Slight blood (Ry+Hades) + injury mention (Hades), dogs (Kirby+Dollface)

    DNI if you're:



    Any form of lgbt-phobic

    Engaging in or support fakeclaiming

    Against Poly or Auto relationships

    19 or over (body age is 19 or over)

    Against alterhumans


    🧍- Kirbs + Dollface




    Atlas (Nibby)


    Type: Front/Host/Core

    Pronouns: Cii/Ciir/📼💾ii/📼💾iir (transmale + generally accepted), Ae/Aer/🎞/Null Pronomial (only used sometimes) Prin/Prince

    Appearance: Short angry gay with a Noriaki Kakyoin haircut

    Sexuality + Attraction: Gay, Twink, TLT Lesboy, Idemromantic, Sensual, Queerplatonic, Auto-Mono-Poly, Sapphic for Sapphic TLT, Achillean for Achillean TLC (trans loving cis), Bambi Lesbian (sensual), Bambi Gay (sensual), MLW TLT, WLW TLT, MLM TLC, Switchblade Sapphic, Armored Achillean, Sapphillian, Adeisexual

    Genders Attracted to: Cismale (Bears and Twinks), NB, some Xenogenders, possibly Agender, Transfemale

    Gender+Kintype: Transmale (AFAB), Dogkin (ask about specific breeds if you're wondering), Shapeshiftkin, Objectkin, Carnotauruskin, possibly some Xenogender but idk

    Race/Ethnicity: Caucasian, North American

    Likes: WIP

    Dislikes: WIP

    Relationships: Self Partnered

    Experiences: Age regression, gender dysphoria, species dysphoria, body dysmorphia



    Type: Co-Front/Co-Host, Caretaker

    Pronouns: Ko/Koe/Kor/Kore/Pom/Pome/Prin/Princess

    Age: 16, March 20th 2005

    Gender+Kintype: Persephrogender, Springgender, Summergender, Autumngender, Wintergender, Hadesgender, Plantkin (Pomegranate)

    Sexuality: ?

    Attraction: Sensual, Mono-Poly, Queerplatonic

    Race/Ethnicity: Caucasian, Italian

    Likes: Double i typing quirk (ex. Hii, II'm Seph!)

    Dislikes: ?



    Type: Possible Confuser?

    Pronouns: Wit/Wilt/Wither/🥀/Prin/Prince

    Age: 17

    Gender+Kintype: Masc-presenting NB + Antagogender, Humankin, Chaosfluid

    Sexuality: ?

    Attraction: Sensual, Auto-Mono-Poly questioning

    Race/Ethnicity: Caucasian(?), Greek

    Likes: Walking on tip-toes

    Dislikes: Direct sunlight

    Relationships: Self Partnered



    Type: Trauma holder (Self caused traumagenic headmate)

    Pronouns: Null Pronomial (Caedpronomial/Doesn't use pronouns b/c of trauma) (Sometimes/Rarely uses Prin/Prince)

    Age: 15

    Gender: Traumatagender, Demongender, None

    Sexuality: Aroace

    Attraction: Sensual Queerplatonic

    Race/Ethnicity: Caucasian(?), N/A

    Likes: The appearance of physical damage (blood, bruises, etc.)

    Dislikes: Family, stress, dads house

    Kerfuffle (Kirby) and Dollface

    Kirbs and Dollface (also host body in the background omg)

    Type: Littles, Sometimes species regress (when in puppy form)

    Pronouns: Null Pronomial

    Age: Ageless (2 to 6 presenting)

    Gender: Dollboy/Antykic, Demigirl

    Race/Ethnicity: Mutt, North American

    Likes: Cuddles, dolls, snacks, stickers, naptimes, puppy play tackle fighting, chew toys (especially squeaky ones!!)

    Dislikes: Loud noises, the shower, dizzyness/lightheadedness (all trauma related, self caused)

    Extra: Kirbs has vision problems

    (No constant name)

    Image made by: https://m.facebook.com/bluehippopress/photos/a.1208194309194036/3522022604477850/

    (Usually) Acceptable names: Millie, Mimi, Camr, Tally

    Type: Little + Species Regresser

    Pronouns: 🌗ae/🌗aer

    Age: Ageless (2 to 4 presenting)

    Gender: Dinoplushgender

    Race/Ethnicity: Carnotaurus, ???

    Likes: Running, meat, comforters, bedtime, teeth brushing, bones

    Dislikes: Big rocks, looking at the sun, larger + threatening predatory animals



    Type: Gatekeeper, Co-front/Co-host

    Pronouns: Bella/Trix/Bellatrix, NullPronomial

    Age: Ageless

    Gender: Stargender, Lunarian

    Species: Shapeshifter

    Sexuality: Adeisexual

    Attraction: Unknown

    Race/Ethnicity: Black Presenting (Can Fluxuate), N/A

    Likes: Unknown

    Dislikes: Unknown

    Ryjionne (Ry)


    Type: O-mate

    Pronouns: He/They/It

    Age: 15

    Gender: Demiboy, Transsexual AMAB

    Sexuality: Achillean

    Attraction: Auto-Mono-Poly, Queerplatonic

    Race/Ethnicity: East Asian, ???

    Likes: Sleep, lethargy

    Dislikes: Having/the idea of having masc reproductive organs

    Unknown + Little

    Type: Unknown (Maybe caregiver??) // Little

    Pronouns: Unknown // Unknown

    Age: Unknown // Ageless

    Gender: Unknown // Unknown

    Likes: Unknown // Unknown

    Dislikes: Unknown // Unknown

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